The New Moon in Cancer is coming this week, and it’s time to hit the reset button for all zodiac signs.

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If you’ve ever had that feeling of wanting a fresh start, there’s a good chance you can enjoy it from July 9, as the New Moon in Cancer rises above us.

Three zodiac signs get a new start after the New Moon in Cancer on July 9, 2021: Cancer, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

This day has great potential, and if we think about it we can usher in a whole new phase in our life – a phase that works for us, energizes us and balances us.

What will be noticeable and interesting about the Cancer New Moon is that all decisions will start at home.

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It also implies that what we do that day will revolve around the home, as we view the home as our safe place – a place where we can reflect and plan for a future without the distraction of the world.

Cancer Moon is representative of home, security, spirituality, and sensitivity.

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