We are waiting for you here for a very nice week starting June 28, and that means you, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

It seems that your burning urge to experience all that is bright and beautiful is greater than any fear you have. The three of you come with this inherent optimism, not to mention a sincere desire to act on ideas, rather than letting them fade into nothingness.

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The last week of June 28 to July 4 is a great week for all three fire zodiac signs.

We are still working with the wonderful Mars in Leo, which ends on July 29, and this transit has given us all the gift of confidence, passion and liveliness.

The power of the stars tends to animate the Fire signs in a very positive way. Jupiter just left Pisces, went retrograde on the 20th, and is now heading towards Aquarius in the near future.

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We have the Sun in Cancer, which brings us sensitivity and insight, and retrograde Neptune (started June 25) which will boost our psychic capacity and most certainly give us vivid dreams. Yesterday we saw Venus in Leo – and our hearts are soaring because of it.

So, with all of this uplifting good news, who among the signs is going to have a great week?

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