The Netflix series platform is full of content in all directories. However, once you have looked at the novelties, you sometimes have the impression that it will be difficult to find another entertainment just as captivating. Especially when you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​what to watch, for example at the moment between two matches of Euro 2021. We must not lose hope however: there is necessarily another series or another film that can still meet the expectations of the most demanding moviegoers and serievers. Conversely, some will be a little lost in the face of the profusion of works to choose from. And when we have also reviewed all the classics seen and reviewed, we really think we have done the trick. While this is still far from the case! so here’s some ideas for Netflix series which were able to pass under the radars after their release, for all those who would have thirst for new cinematographic horizons this Weekend.

My friend Adèle, a mysterious and fascinating Netflix series

My friend Adèle is a mini-series that landed on Netflix at the beginning of 2021. The story begins with the meeting between our main character and a charming man, at least in his eyes. She quickly realizes that the man in question happens to be her future employer. Not to mention that this man is married to a woman, just as sympathetic as she is mysterious … An enticing pitch, which does not, however, allow one to guess for a single moment the turn that events will take. The only clue we will give you here is that this is no ordinary romantic comedy.

My friend Adèle is one of those Netflix series that takes us where we don’t expect it. If the series begins without the purpose of the story being completely clear, we immediately fall in love with the mystery that surrounds it. For the rest, the plot unfolds as we progress through the six episodes. This miniseries shouldn’t have another season if we refer to its name. And if the end is unexpected, she brings a strong conclusion to history. The only regret evoked by the series is that no sequel is on the program.

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The comedy to discover with family or friends: Black Snake

Comedian and actor Thomas Ngijol returns to the screens with his latest comedy Black Snake: The Legend of the Black Snake. This crazy film takes place in the 70s. We follow the story of Clotaire Sangala, a man called to become the first African superhero, protector of his people against the dictatorship. The trailer below will give you a good idea of ​​the atmosphere of the film. Released in theaters in 2019, the film has arrived on Netflix since Monday.

Thomas Ngijol is not at his first attempt in the field of comedy films. He had been seen in films such as Case Départ and Le crocodile du Botswanga, alongside his friend Fabrice Éboué. This time, he decided to make his own way in the cinema. It is the actor himself who scripted the film, and who directed it with his partner Karole Rocher. At the casting, we find in particular Édouard Baer, whose simple mention of the name will be enough to convince fans.

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Someone Must Die, a Landmark Series in 3 Acts

We now go from laughter to tears with a series in the register of drama. Someone must die is a Netflix mini series that plays in just 3 episodes. This Spanish series (Alguien tiene que morir in Original Version) brings us back to the Iberian Peninsula to the period of the 50s. We are under the Franco dictatorship and the atmosphere that reigns is deleterious for all those who do not fall into line. When Gabino, the child of a high-ranking family, returns from Mexico with a young dancer whom he introduces as a friend, the family is torn apart and trouble begins.

The adventures are concentrated and the story does not leave a break. Its short format allows watch in no time. It’s the perfect content for those who tend to leave current series hanging around for long periods of time, or even end up abandoning them. Spectators who watch their series in 4G will have less worry about managing mobile data on Netflix.

We run one Netflix series at a time poignant and strong. Difficult not to watch it without feeling emotions. We will not recommend this series to an audience that is too young and uninformed. No graphic violence at the rendezvous, but the words and themes discussed can mark.

Three reasons to watch Someone Must Die:

  • the historical reconstruction offers the testimony of a little-known period in France;
  • the tension is palpable and holds full attention throughout the series;
  • it is possible to watch the series all at once without sacrificing your Weekend.
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A straightforward and well-dug romantic comedy: Ginny & Georgia

With Ginny & Georgia, we return to entertainment that is lighter than the previous one. But while this is a more comedy-oriented Netflix series, that doesn’t stop it from carrying its parts of seriousness and gravity. In fact, the more we continue this series, the more the characters gain in thickness. It is therefore a program that differs from comedies which have no other goal than to amuse their audience and entertain them without further thought.

In this series, we focus on a single mother and her daughter who arrive in a new city and must find a place for themselves. Despite the weight of the past, each one will forge special bonds with the people who will be in their path. The more far-sighted viewers will no doubt appreciate knowing that this Netflix series is already renewed for a second season. This means that there will be no need to seek inspiration by venturing on the many channels of its internet TV box; it is also the guarantee of a certain success with the public.

Why watch Ginny & Georgia:

  • mother and daughter both have well-written and realistic stories;
  • the secondary characters are just as endearing and do not lack depth;
  • a second season is already planned.
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