Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Do not worry. We’ve got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind last week’s social media tracks and YouTube videos to get you ready for Dynamite.

Recall, Dynamite returns to its Wednesday night time slot tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TNT.

Road to AEW Dynamite rocked MJF against Sammy Guevara.

MJF got a good answer to the curious question why he doesn’t wrestle so often.

MJF: I am rich. I don’t have to struggle to make money. I struggle to make sure it works for me. And this match benefits me, Sammy. And that’s why I’m going to be there and play in the main event and do what I do best is win. This match is important to me, Sammy, because I want to silence everyone who even thinks for a lonely second that we are comparable talents.

Sammy spoke about being more exciting in the ring and how he worked for everything while MJF was given his job. In my opinion, Sammy’s chatter was a bit weak. It was about bragging about being an artist while ignoring wins and losses. Yes, Sammy has been tested by veterans, but he hasn’t won much in those games either. It’s time for Sammy to step up tonight and take the win.

AEW is wasting no time getting Jungle Boy back in the ring after his loss to Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship. Matt Hardy didn’t appreciate Jungle Boy meddling in his affairs with Christian Cage, so Hardy sends Jack Evans to hurt JB.

Frankie Kazarian had words for Kenny Omega. The champion continues to win by any means necessary. Kaz can respect that because he knows what it’s like to be on a team. However, Kaz’s days as a team player are over. It stands alone like a one-man firing squad. The Elite will be retired. The music started at the very end as if leading up to a groovy Shaft cut. Hope this is the second part. Kaz is a bad mother … Shut your mouth.

Joey Janela is a man of ideas. Besides Bad Boy Summer, he has another great idea. Janela wants to talk about her differences with Sonny Kiss on a talk show. This should surely lead to some entertainment for our viewing pleasure.

I get vibrations from Shawn Michaels of Janela throwing Kiss through a window like when the Rockers went their separate ways.

Will Hobbs was the last guest on Outside the Ring with Lexy Nair (here). Hobbs’ favorite superpower is the manipulation of Magneto’s magnetism. Her favorite karaoke song, “Candy Girl”, from New Edition. The most difficult adversity in life is losing your older brother, who gave his life to save Hobbs’ life.

Be the elite

“Entracte” – Being the Elite, Ep. 262 (here) featured:

  • The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers told the story of Car Crash Cutler. Plus, Cutler accidentally slammed the door on Don Callis’ hand. Crippler Cutler is on the prowl.
  • Nick Jackson did trick shot dunks on a mini hoop.
  • The Dark Order and Hangman Page discussed their accidental drug trip last week. Hangman claimed he didn’t remember his hallucination for the AEW World Championship. The meeting turned into an intervention for Stu Grayson.
  • Isiah Kassidy gave Matt Hardy a purple rag. Hardy loves Private Party and considers them his children.
  • Grayson’s intervention continued to resolve the issues in his head seeing the girl. Anna Jay was back in her place, but no one believed her. When they turned around, Anna was gone. After everyone left, Anna called Stu a little bitch.
  • The No.1 competition for the BTE Championship was the top jumper. The goal was to jump and stick a piece of duct tape on the wall. Cezar Bononi won by touching the ceiling.

Little material relevant to Dynamite in this episode of BTE. The hanged man’s quest for the world title will drag on, since he refused to admit his drugged vision. Sooner or later it will be time for the hanged man to jump on his pony to glory. This story will be sweet, once it gets stirred up.

We will end with the promo of Miro from Dynamite. It is so good that I wanted to include it to see it again. Miro’s words provide endless pleasure when re-reading.

Miro will slaughter Brian Pillman Jr. in his TNT title defense tonight on Dynamite.

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