Don’t expect a lot of surprises in front of “Unparalleled Dad”, with Kevin Hart, available on Netflix for a few days, which quickly ranked in the top 10. The film features Matt, the solo dad after death from his wife shortly after the birth of their baby daughter Maddie. From the first minutes, we know that he will give everything for her. The interest is elsewhere, in a multitude of small details that prove that this outstanding dad really existed.

There is the compulsory exercise, to which any dramatic comedy featuring a struggling father must comply: the stroller that does not want to fold, the unexpected vomit on the neighbor’s shoulder, the hair impossible to comb. And then there are a few finds: the friend who adapts his curses to the presence of the child – “stuffed with his filth”, the improvised mini-choir to try (finally) to put the baby to sleep.

We even smile frankly when, in despair, the hero ends up pushing the door of a parenting support group made up exclusively of young mothers who, thinking he is lost, directs him to Alcoholics Anonymous! Finally, they all go there for their advice to help this distraught dad who doesn’t know how to get his daughter to stop crying. White noise? The baby wrap? And when at the office, Matt stops in the middle of his presentation because he thinks he hears crying, we say to ourselves that it smacks of lived experience (except that he actually came to work with his baby).

This resourceful dad sometimes wonders as we would like everyone to do: why does my daughter have to wear a skirt if she doesn’t want to? No surprises in prospect, of course, but a good time to pass.


“An outstanding dad” (Netflix), by Paul Weitz, with Kevin Hart, DeWanda Wise‚Ķ (1h49)

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