The Baltimore Orioles announced on Friday that a July 24 post-game concert by Diplo had been canceled due to allegations of sexual assault against the DJ / producer.

“The Orioles will not host the next post-game performance on July 24 at Oriole Park in Camden Yards,” the team said tweeted Friday. “Fans who purchased field passes with match tickets for the Diplo concert on July 24 will receive a refund.”

While the Orioles did not elaborate on why the concert was canceled, the cancellation came just hours after the Baltimore Sun issued a scathing letter to editors wondering how the team could continue with the post-game performance amid recent allegations against Diplo, including a pair of sexual assault lawsuits filed against him.

“The Orioles always promote to be a family entertainment option in our great city. They have also done great things for women and women’s rights, including celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, ”the letter said. “This is very concerning in light of the news on July 7 that Diplo is being charged with sexual assault after forcing a fan to give her a blowjob after a show in Vegas in 2019, which she claimed to have filmed… If the Orioles are such a family team and really care about women, they have to part ways with Diplo and get up and cancel that post-game gig.

In another lawsuit filed on June 24 and obtained by Rolling stone, a woman accused Diplo – real name Thomas Wesley Pentz – of recording their sex without consent and then later disclosing the footage online. The woman also claimed that Pentz – who she said had not told her he had sexually transmitted infections – gave her chlamydia and HPV as a result of their sex.

“Diplo is a successful songwriter and record producer. He is also a middle-aged white man who targets very young black women and girls for sexual assault, ”says the trial. [the plaintiff] for sex when she was a minor. He later had sex with her, twice, without revealing that he had sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which he gave her. When she opened up about his abusive behavior, he hit back at her by posting pictures of her vagina and breasts on social media without her consent.

Diplo’s attorney Bryan Freedman said in a statement on Saturday Rolling stone, “There is unequivocal evidence that completely refutes what is claimed. We will share it with the court this week, and once this evidence has been reviewed, the false and malicious nature of this shakedown will be revealed once and for all. “

Freedman continued, “This case is just another part of the ongoing campaign of someone who has harassed him and his family so much that he has had to get a restraining order against her. She continues this collection of lies because he will not agree to pay her money no matter what negative publicity she wants to throw up. The truth is the truth. He will no longer be extorted or harassed by her.

Diplo is scheduled to perform tonight, July 10, at the Gateway Mall Olympic Plaza in Salt Lake City.

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