If anyone thought that a now-free Bill Cosby was going to lay low for a while after suddenly overturning his rape conviction and sentence last week, think again. The much-accused actor once known as “America’s Dad” chose America’s Independence Day to prove them wrong.

In a somewhat confusing scattered statement today, Cosby took aim at Howard University’s rebuke of his former wife on air and the mainstream media. He also denounced the bloody coup attempt on Capitol Hill earlier this year. It wasn’t pretty, to say the least, as the 83-year-old was once labeled a “sexually violent predator.”

“Howard University, you have to support free speech (Ms. Rashad), which is taught or supposed to be taught every day at this renowned law school, which resides on your campus,” the statement said, speaking for the reality Lifetime affirmation of support for Cosby’s release on June 30. The actor was fired last week for technical reasons after serving more than two years of a sentence of up to 10 years for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

Phylicia Rashad sends letter of apology to students and parents at Howard University

Then the legally blind Cosby, who turned into a long line of political prisoners during his time at Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility in Phoenix, became a supernova in his final public remarks.

“These mainstream media (sic) are the insurgents, who stormed the Capitol. These same media insurgents are trying to demolish the Constitution of this United States of America on this Independence Day, ”added the statement issued by longtime Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt. “No technical details – this is a violation of her rights and we the people support Ms Phylicia Rashad.”

Not quite Bill Pullman’s Independence Day speech in the 1996 blockbuster of the same name, if you know what I mean?

Whatever Bill Cosby thinks of the violent seat of Congress struck by Donald Trump, as Vice President Mike Pence and a Common House of Representatives and Senators met to officially confirm Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, the postulation of the actor will likely only reinforce his isolation. and toxicity.

Additionally, Cosby, who may or may not be entertaining on a comedy tour, takes a very particular perspective on Rashad and his much-criticized comments about his former co-star’s release from prison and a criminal record.

As a firestorm erupted over Rashad’s comments, the now Dean Howard tried to pour cold water over the outrage.

Within hours, Rashad tweeted that she “fully supports[s] survivors of sexual assault come forward. My message was by no means meant to be oblivious to their truth … My sincere wish is healing. blackishAnthony Anderson, among his illustrious alumni, responded with a comment after Rashad’s first post on “A miscarriage of justice is corrected!” To Cosby’s release from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The remarks that “the victims must be heard and believed” and that Rashad’s first tweet “lacked sensitivity” left no doubt about the school’s position in this controversial case.

Not having completed his apology tour, Rashad wrote a letter to Howard’s students and their parents late July 2. “My remarks were by no means directed at survivors of sexual assault,” said the new dean of the College of Fine Arts. “I vehemently oppose sexual violence, I find no excuse for such behavior, and I know Howard University has a zero tolerance policy towards interpersonal violence.”

As for Cosby himself, after remaining silent during a high-profile press conference shortly after his release last week, the actor kept his statements on social media and ditched his communications team and his defense lawyers.

Additionally, even though the highest court in Keystone state overturned Cosby’s sentence due to a 2005 deal with the then Montgomery prosecutor not to lay criminal charges for the rape of the Temple Constand University employee, the actor is far from being declared innocent of the charges.

On the one hand, Cosby paid Constand millions in a civil settlement over 15 years ago. Second, Cosby admitted in 2005 that he gave Constand several Benadryl pills the night of the alleged assault at his Philadelphia-area mansion in 2004. Yet, The Cosby Show The creator insisted through various inquiries, two trials and the sentencing hearing that the encounter was completely consensual.

Additionally, more than 60 women have claimed Cosby drugged and assaulted them over the decades with a cocktail of pills and alcohol. A number of these women were among the spectators at both trials and the sentencing hearing in the fall of 2018. Judge Steven O’Neill also allowed DA Steele to have five other accusers, including the ex –The next American top model Judge Janice Dickinson, testify in the second trial and tell their stories of assault by Cosby.

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