The following contains spoilers from Bosch Season 7, Episode 8 – aka the Amazon Prime Series Finale.

The fate of Bosch the series is sealed, while the future for Bosch man appears headed in a new direction.

The back half of Season 7 as a whole changed the professional paths of several characters. Billets’s investigation of some of the slimeball officers who targeted / harassed her ended up paying off, bringing down Captain Cooper as well. In the process, Irving – who had blackmailed the mayor to extend his tenure as chief for another five years – invited Billets to succeed Cooper, and not just on an “interim captain” basis.

Meanwhile, Maddie – prompted to reexamine her own life in the wake of Honey’s near-fatal shooting and then targeted herself by a hitman – decided not only to move out of her father’s house and live with her little one. friend Antonio, but also to apply to LAPD. Harry’s reaction to this news was… well, “caught off guard”, but ultimately nodding.

Ahead of the final act in the series finale, Billets has shaken things up in their own way, posting the much-anticipated transfers caused by the impending shutdown of the Hollywood division. Pierce struggled with the “graveyard” / “late show” shift (and all the ribs that came with it), while Vega partnered with Bosch, leaving J. Edgar to score a plum and frankly unexpected RHD gig. Jerry asked Bosch how this had happened, but his partner claimed he had no say – although a few scenes earlier we saw him stop by the Ticket office to offer “a suggestion ”on the missions….

Bosch’s own mission, and perhaps he was pragmatic to know it, would prove to be totally questionable. He was more determined than ever to have Peña arrested for ordering the arson that killed 10-year-old Sonia and several others, and to that end he relied on CIT agent Luke Goshen to find out where and when the meeting with which Peña would carry a thread. Jerry noticed that Bosch was still chasing Peña, even though the authorities had strongly warned the LAPD to stay away and offered him a backup. So, with the location and time obtained from Goshen, the two used an indescribable Cherokee to spot El Chole’s meeting place. Harry then slipped inside the restaurant as Jerry in the Jeep distracted the henchman watching the side entrance. Minutes later, when Jerry texted that Peña himself was heading inside, Bosch dropped Peña and took him away from the date and out of a side door, where Jerry is. arrived and picked them up.

As the confused FBI greeted and raised hell with Chief Irving, Jerry rushed Bosch and Peña to the station. There, Bosch quickly reserved Peña for the multiple arson attacks, while ensuring that Time Journalist Scott Anderson got the scoop on the federal government’s plan to let Peña skate / head to WITSEC, and how Chief Irving himself benefited from the deal.

As expected, Irving, upon arriving at the station, chewed on Harry, hung him up, and even prepared Peña to be taken back into custody by the FBI. But as Peña stood outside the police shop awaiting her turn, Sonia Hernandez’s father, Hector, approached him, pistol in hand, and shot the criminal. Inside the LAPD, Bosch and others heard a series of gunshots, then rushed outside to find Peña and Hector shot dead, the latter shot dead by patrol officers. With his last breaths, Hector said to Harry, “Por Sonia.”

bosch series finaleAngered by the unnecessary bloodshed, Bosch stomped over to Irving and assured the leader, “It’s all yours!”

“This too muchHe added, handing his badge to the chief. “Take it. Keep it. “Irving scoffed,” Bosch, who are you if you don’t have a badge…? To which Harry said, “I’ll find out,” before walking away.

Bosch leaves the final seriesLater that night, Maddie showed up at her father’s house to ask him what had happened, “What are you going to do?”

“With me life, you mean? “he replied.” Something is going to happen. “

And in a coda set some time later – the COVID pandemic was imminent based on a previous scene, but no mask or anything was available for the epilogue – we see Harry filing for a license. of private detective, assuring the clerk that, yes, he has “6,000 hours of investigative work” to his credit. Although Harry was a little amused to hear that his application is pending a background check by … the fbi.

So it looks like IMDb TV doesn’t have a title yet Bosch The spin-off starring Titus Welliver, Madison Lintz and Mimi Rogers will follow Harry as a private investigator – it seems certain. Presumably, he will work for Honey Chandler at times, while Maddie launches her career with the LAPD. (Surely her “I want to help” comment at the end didn’t mean she was going to give up LAPD to help her dad?)

What did you think of farewell season and where could the spin-off be heading?

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