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Update, July 6: As rumors circulate that Britney Spears’ duty counsel Samuel Ingham is considering filing documents asking the court to let him step down, Britney’s personal curator Jodi Montgomery says she is staying put . Montgomery’s attorney Lauriann Wright released a brief statement on Tuesday reaffirming Montgomery’s intention to stay on the case unless Spears requests otherwise. “Ms. Montgomery has no intention of resigning as Ms. Spears’ temporary curator,” Wright’s statement read. “She remains committed to firmly supporting Ms. Spears in any way she can in as part of her duties as person curator. ”Wright says Britney even contacted Montgomery yesterday and asked him to continue serving. Montgomery will continue to serve as conservator for as long as Ms. Spears and the Court wish, ”the statement said.

Following Spears’ explosive testimony, Bessemer Trust, the private wealth management firm appointed to co-manage the singer’s assets with her father, asked the court to resign; 25-year Spears manager Larry Rudolph also officially stepped down on July 5.

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Less than a week after Britney Spears told the world her truth, the question of who is to blame has already begun.

Britney’s father, Jamie, filed court documents on Tuesday, June 29, asking Judge Brenda Penny to initiate an investigation into the “serious allegations” her daughter raised in court. Britney claimed at last week’s hearing, among other things, that she was forced to go on tour; she took lithium drugs that she did not want to take and that left her weak and scared; and taken to an establishment where she felt she “could not go out the front door”. Spears said she felt her personal freedom was being taken away and that she wanted her IUD removed so she could have more children, but was not allowed to do so.

In his court documents, Jamie now says he wants to know if Britney’s claims are correct. He told the court he had “worked tirelessly to manage and protect” his daughter and her estate since being appointed his curator in 2008. Now he thinks “it is important for the integrity of guardianship and in Ms. Spears’ best interest for the court to order an investigation into the issues and claims “raised by Britney. If her assertions are true, then” corrective action must be taken “, and if not, guardianship.” can continue its course “, according to its filed legal request.

Even though Britney said in court that she blamed her father for what had happened to her and that everything had to be approved by him, Jamie said in his court documents that was false. He said he had no influence on her medical treatment and was even prevented from communicating with her. Instead, he blamed Jodi Montgomery, a chartered private professional trustee, who was appointed in September 2019 to serve as Britney’s curator on her person after Jamie stepped down from that role.

Jamie said Montgomery was the one person “fully responsible” for Britney’s daily personal care and medical treatment for the past two years. He said he had no influence on Britney’s medical treatment and did not argue with his personal affairs related to her marriage and reproductive desires. He said he never stopped Britney from getting married and even let his former fiance Jason Trawick serve as his co-curator. Jamie added that in light of what he learned in court from Britney, he is now worried that Montgomery will remain in her position as co-curator and wonders if that is really in the best interest of her daughter.

Jamie also questioned a statement by Samuel Ingham, Britney’s court-appointed lawyer, that the court had determined that “Britney’s inability to consent to any form of medical treatment was determined by a filed order. the 10/10/2014 “. Jamie’s legal team wrote in their court documents that there had been no such finding and that Ingham should not be allowed to take Britney’s right to consent to medical treatment away.

Montgomery also stepped up efforts to deflect any charges against her on June 30. His lawyer Lauriann Wright said his client was a “licensed professional private trustee who, unlike family members who serve as custodians, is required to follow a code of ethics.” “

“I can say unequivocally that Jodi Montgomery has been a tireless advocate for Britney and her well-being,” Wright’s statement read. “Although she does not control Britney’s financial assets, she is responsible for her personal care, and if Britney wants an issue to be taken to court, Ms. Montgomery is and always has been ready, willing and able to. make.”

Wright said Montgomery’s mission has always been “to help and encourage Britney on her journey out of the need for personal guardianship.” The statement also notes that there is nothing opposing Britney’s right to marry or have children, and that Montgomery stands ready to help either: “Britney’s choice to marry and raising a family has never been affected by the guardianship while Ms. Montgomery has been the person’s curator.

A hearing will be held on July 14 regarding Jamie’s claim.

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