A day after longtime court-appointed lawyer for Britney Spears submitted her resignation from the long-standing restrictive guardianship, the multi-platinum singer’s mother is now seeking permission for her daughter to hire a new one. representation, in a way. The demand comes as a temporary co-curator in the sad affair is also asking for additional security after receiving threats of “violence and even death” in recent weeks.

“Petitioner Lynne Spears, Interested Party and Mother of the Conservative, hereby asks this Court to listen to her daughter’s wishes and, as a first step, respectfully requests an Order authorizing the Conservative to engage his own private counsel, or , in the alternative, an order appointing a private lawyer at the choice of the Conservative ”, indicates the file filed Wednesday in the Superior Court of Los Angeles by the own legal team of the matriarch (read here).

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“The appointment of an independent lawyer is mandatory at this stage,” says Lynne Spears’ request to Judge Brenda Penny, which will likely be dealt with at the next increasingly busy hearing scheduled for July 14. Unlike her ex-husband and Britney’s father, Jamie, Lynne Spears has never held an official role in the controversial guardianship, but is listed as an “interested party” for obvious reasons.

Congratulating her daughter for “showing her heart to court in a passionate plea to be heard” in young Spears’ sometimes frightening remarks on June 23 by telephone to Judge Penny, family members and lawyers, Lynne Spears made it clear today which side she’s on when it comes to whether the 13-year-old Guardianship is past its expiration date.

“There is no question that this is a single trusteeship,” said Elder Spears ironically in the seven-page petition. “In the original petition for the appointment of a temporary personal curator, the address given by the curator was the UCLA medical center,” she adds. That was over thirteen years ago. Now, and for many years now, Conservatee is able to take care of herself and has in fact, within the parameters of this tutelage, literally made hundreds of millions of dollars as an international celebrity.

“Her capacity is certainly different today than it was in 2008, and Conservatee should no longer be required to meet the 2008 standard, according to which she was found” not to have the capacity to retain the services of a lawyer, “” Lynne Spears noted in a reiteration of the remarks made. partly publicly by his daughter a few weeks ago. Remarks that saw the singer’s own lawyer, Samual Ingham III, step down from guardianship, as Spears alleged that he and others had not made her aware of all of her legal rights all these years. Britney Spears also said she loved “Sam”, but wanted to choose her own lawyers in the future.

Ingham’s not unexpected decision to leave Spears’ situation was preceded on July 5 by the singer’s manager, Larry Rudolph, informing remaining co-curator Jamie Spears and temporary co-curator Jodi Montgomery that he was stepping down from his role. in the career of the interpreter. At another lucrative Las Vegas residence, Spears apparently gave up performing in 2019 for a “hiatus” that now appears to be possibly permanent. A few days before the departure of the manager, the Bessemer Trust wealth management company was the first to leave the ship. The big company successfully asked the court on July 1 to let him step back from the co-custody perch he had just been confirmed to be in.

In the Bessemer Trust case, the company said “following testimony from the Curator at the June 23 hearing… the petitioner has learned that the Conservative is opposed to continuing her trusteeship and wishes to end the guardianship. They went on to say: “The petitioner has heard from the Conservative and respects her wishes.”

Having been figuratively under the thumb of her sometimes distant father and a somewhat revolving door of co-curators since her very public distress in 2008, the former pop princess was certainly extremely direct about her wishes on June 23 – without talk about what she thought about the arrangement and her future.

“This tutelage does me a lot more harm than good,” Spears told officials and spectators gathered in a crowded DTLA courtroom last month. “I deserve to have a life,” she added in a sometimes rambling and rushed statement of more than 20 minutes. Vividly comparing her situation to sex trafficking, Spears also revealed her take on the extent of guardianship and her control over her $ 50 million plus fortune, career, relationships and even whether she can get married or have an IUD removed. “I really believe that this guardianship is abusive… I want to end the guardianship without being evaluated. I want to petition to end the trusteeship.

New lawyers could play a major role in this desire. However, despite last month’s hearing and even years of setbacks against the Trusteeship, according to a recent New York Times investigation, Spears still has not filed official documents to end the deal or change it in any way. significant.

On the other hand, Montgomery, a licensed private professional trustee, today filed her own documents seeking Spears’ estate to “pay additional security fees.”

“Since the status hearing on June 23, 2021, which was illegally broadcast, streamed,
and replayed to an incredibly large audience, there has been a marked increase in the number and severity of threatening messages regarding the petitioner across all social media platforms, as well as personally addressed texts, phone calls and emails. to the petitioner, ”said Montgomery’s lawyer Lauriann. Wright wrote to Judge Penny on behalf of his client, who has overseen much of Spears’ personal and medical affairs since 2019. Security determined that the security risk was serious enough to recommend 24/7 physical security. / 7 be provided to the applicant on an interim basis in order to protect her from harm and until the petitioner can make certain improvements to the security of her home office / residence, ”the petition added.

“The cost of physical security, although deemed urgent and necessary at this time
for the Applicant, is prohibitive for the Applicant to bear personally. Unless and until this Court approves the expense, the Applicant remains personally liable. Thus, we ask this Court to approve the expenditure as soon as possible through this ex parte motion. “

On July 6, Montgomery made it clear that she, unlike Ingham, Rudolph and others, was not leaving the guardianship anytime soon, even though Spears herself had complained about her in her June 23 statement. . “Ms. Just yesterday, Spears asked Ms. Montgomery to continue serving,” Wright said Tuesday. Montgomery will continue in the role of Conservator for as long as Ms. Spears and the Court wish. “

That’s the $ 50 million question at the end of the day, isn’t it?

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