Following Quentin Tarantino’s comments regarding the criticism of Bruce Lee’s portrayal on Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee spoke out and said she was “really tired of white men. in Hollywood trying to tell me who Bruce Lee was. ”

Tarantino was the guest of The Joe Rogan Experience as part of a media tour for his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood novelty and said that while he understands Shannon has a problem with portraying his father in the movie, anyone can go “suck a d ***.”

“I can understand his daughter having a problem with that, it’s her f ****** dad, I get it,” Tarantino said. “But someone else [can] will suck the ad ***. If you look at him it’s obvious Cliff tricked him, that’s how he was able to [beat him,] that’s explained a bit more in the book. “

The Hollywood Reporter reached out to Shannon for comment on Tarantino’s lyrics, and she responded to the request by writing a guest column that delves deep into her thoughts on “the director’s characterization of the scene and other comments on the genuine Bruce Lee “.

“Why does Quentin Tarantino talk like he knows Bruce Lee and hates him? It sounds odd considering he’s never met Bruce Lee, right? Crazy 88 in masks and Kato-style outfits for Kill Bill, which many considered a love letter to Bruce Lee, ”Shannon began. “But love letters are usually addressed to the recipient by name, and from what I observed at the time, Mr. Tarantino interestingly tried to avoid as much as possible of pronounce Bruce Lee’s name at the time. “

Shannon went on to say that she was so used to others seeing “a side of my father and turning it into a caricature”. Usually, in his experience, there is a “nugget of love” for his father in this cartoon, but that is not the case with “Mr. Tarantino”.

“As you already know, Mr. Tarantino’s portrayal of Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, in my opinion, was inaccurate and to say the least unnecessary,” Shannon wrote. “(Please don’t blame actor Mike Moh. He did what he could with what he got.) And although I am grateful to Mr. Tarantino for having so generously acknowledged to Joe Rogan that I might have my feelings about his portrayal of my dad., I’m also grateful for the opportunity to express this: I’m really sick of white men in Hollywood trying to get me wrong. say who Bruce Lee was. “

Shannon said she was so tired of hearing “from white men in Hollywood that he was arrogant and a ****** when they have no idea and cannot understand what he is. would have taken to get work in the 1960s and 1970s in Hollywood as a Chinese with (God forbid) an accent. ”

She is also tired of white Hollywood men mistaking her “confidence, passion and skill for pride”, finding it hard to believe that “Bruce Lee could have been really good at what he did” , that he “was not really a martial artist and just did it for the movies”, “noting the impact he had on the action film genre and the fight choreography”, And much more.

Shannon went on to say that this obviously did not apply to “all white men in Hollywood “because she’s worked with” some really wonderful collaborators and partners, “but there have been enough examples of those who have tried to” mansplain “Bruce Lee for her, so it fits their narrative.

While Shannon understands what Tarantino was looking for in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and, while she agrees that Cliff Booth could have “beaten the shit out of Bruce Lee”, she just thinks he could have “done it so much better” .

“… The scene he created was just an uninteresting teardown of Bruce Lee when it wasn’t necessary. It was white Hollywood treating Bruce Lee like, well, white Hollywood treating him – like a superfluous stereotype, ”Shannon wrote.

“In conclusion, at a time when Asian Americans are being physically attacked, urged to ‘go home’ because they are seen as non-Americans and demonized for something unrelated to them, I feel compelled to suggest that Mr. Tarantino’s continued attacks, misinterpretations, and misrepresentations of a pioneering and innovative member of our Asian American community, at this time, are not welcome.

“Mr. Tarantino, you don’t have to like Bruce Lee. I don’t care if you like him or not. You made your movie and now, clearly, you’re promoting a book. But in interest in respecting other cultures and experiences that you may not understand, I encourage you to let your comments go on Bruce Lee and reconsider the impact of your words in a world that doesn’t need more conflicts and fewer cultural heroes.

“Under heaven, under heaven, we are one family, Mr. Tarantino, and I think it is time for both of us to continue.”

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