• Caitlyn Loane, a TikTok creator famous for farm videos, died Thursday. She was 19.
  • Loane had become an inspiration to women agricultural workers around the world.
  • Loane’s family, friends, fans and football club mourned her on social media.
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Caitlyn Loane, a TikTok creator who blew up for sharing videos of her daily life at work on her family’s farm in Tasmania, has died aged 19, her parents have confirmed.

Loane’s father, Phillip Loane, confirmed his death in a statement to the Mercury on Thursday. “Words cannot describe our loss,” he told the Mercury. “She was a lovely, crazy young woman who was an invaluable member of our family.”

Her mother, Richele Loane, told the Mercury that she was an inspiration to women farmers around the world.

“Her smile lit up the room,” Richele said. “She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty – in some photos she has mud up to her knees.”

The family did not say how Loane died, but his father said “every day should be” RU OK? Day, ”which refers to a vacation in Australia where people are encouraged to have conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.

DailyMail reported that Loane was the livestock manager on her family’s farm, which spans approximately 1,480 acres.

Caitlyn’s TikTok account, “catieloane,” which reads “Promoting Women in Agriculture” in her bio, garnered over 50,000 subscribers and nearly 800,000 likes.

Its TikTok content included extracts from locally grown carrots, feeding the cows, driving around the family’s sprawling scenic farm site.

Caitlyn was one of the most popular members of TikTok’s petite female farming scene on TikTok. The most common hashtag associated with the community, “#womeninag”, has over 90 million views.

Loane posted his last video on June 26. In the short clip, she added a wistful, wistful male voice that says, “How far would you drive for the girl of your dreams?” and merges into “Nobody”, a country song by Dylan Scott. On screen, she then wrote the words “What about Tasmania?” And added a montage of photos of herself taking care of animals and doing other things.

Fans flooded the comments section with condolences.

“What a beautiful soul, thank you for being in the world,” one comment said. “I’m so sorry you couldn’t stay. I’m sending love to your family.”

Another TikTok user said she “cries” while reading the news and asked how one can “lose hope so quickly?”

Along with her family and fans, one of Caitlyn’s friends Kaycee Mikaela Heyward paid tribute to her on Facebook.

“Oh how my heart hurts to know that you’ve all left us, the bright, bubbly, beautiful but crazy girl,” Heyward wrote. “All the nightly chats, the night walks, the cattle handling shows together… just know that our memories are not over, until we meet my dear daughter again. RIP”

Devonport Football Club, of which Caitlyn was a part, also posted a statement on Facebook. They offered their condolences to Loane’s family, friends and teammates and said that “the past week has put in context what really matters in life.”

Insider has contacted Caitlyn’s family for comment, but has not received a response.

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