While the official selection for the festival was announced on June 3, Netflix once again refused to take part. We explain to you what is wrong between the two.

This is definitely not the great love between Cannes and Netflix. While the general delegate of the festival Thierry Frémaux invited the streaming giant to participate in Out of competition at the 2021 edition with its next productions The Power of the Do (by Jane Campion) and Blonde hair (Andrew Dominik), he refused. This is what the Frenchman reveals in an interview with Deadline, following the announcement of this year’s selection. The information was spotted by Indiewire.

“It is not us who refuse Netflix films, it is Netflix which does not want, or cannot…”, he assures the American webzine. Before adding: “They want to come in Competition, but the films that are in Competition must be released (in theaters) in France.” A rule which is not new, but which targeted Netflix from its creation …

A disagreement that dates

Back in 2017. That year, two films under the Netflix banner (The Meyerowitz Stories by Noah Baumbach and Okja de Bong Joon-ho) find themselves in contention for the Palme d’Or, causing controversy over the lack of fairness that could arise between films released in theaters and those available to stream. In response, the organizers of the 70th edition of the festival let it be known that, from now on, a film can only be selected in official competition if it has been screened in France. However, streaming movies are not totally excluded: they can participate in the Out of Competition category. And that’s the offer that Netflix turned down this year.

Thierry Frémaux nevertheless seems optimistic about the future. Stating that he thinks Netflix will eventually change its mind one day, he is understanding: “Netflix protects its system, its subscribers, its customers. I would have liked them to participate in Out of competition to show the quality of their work, the quality of their productions. But to see the quality of their productions, you have to go to Netflix. Fortunately, I am a subscriber and love Netflix, but my job is to show movies. I would also like to show Netflix movies. ”

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