Since May, the fourth and final season of Castlevania has been available on Netflix. Now, an anime spin-off will follow, set during the French Revolution.

Based on the video game of the same name, Netflix launched the fantasy series Castlevania in 2017. Since then, it has been streamed millions of times and won many fans as a result. It is all the sadder that a few weeks ago, the fourth and final season arrived in the offering of the streaming service.

The story of Trevor and Sypha Belmont is over, but the anime continues. In the form of a spin-off, the adventures of the son of the two protagonists will be told. The new series is set around 1792, during the French Revolution, as Netflix reported during Geeked Week:

The universe of Castlevania will be extended

Apparently, Castlevania was able to convince subscribers of the video on demand platform. Therefore, it is also “far from over” – so the official statement announces. It is possible that the spin-off will become like the main series equal to several given seasons.

Producer Kevin Kolde and director duo Sam and Adam Deats are sure to be on board again. The Powerhouse Animation studio will likely be responsible for visual production again. Currently, work is in full swing to bring fans closer to the exciting story around Judge Belmont and Maria Renard, the new main characters.

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