Colbert on Trump’s first rally since the Capitol Riot: “Why is he allowed to hold rallies after this?” | Late night TV tour

Stephane Colbert

While other hosts are on summer vacation for the week, Stephen Colbert recapped a Trump rally held this weekend in Wellington, Ohio, his first since the Jan.6 uprising on Capitol Hill. “Why is he allowed to organize rallies after this?” The Late Show host fumed. “After the assassination, John Wilkes Booth was not hosted on Broadway for a sold-out performance of I Shot Lincoln: The Musical!”

The ex-president appeared to have nothing new to say in his 90-minute speech, as he stumbled through familiar refrains and untruths as if “reading a speech from last summer,” he said. declared Colbert. He digressed from Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton to the outdated line “hydroxychloroquine really works!” “

“Nobody cares now!” Exclaimed Colbert. “We have a vaccine! I can’t imagine anything more tired than the Covid drug from 12 months ago. “

In typical Trump fashion, he also mispronounced some words. At one point, while attempting to reference the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, Trump said the United States “sent a brave young man from Ohio to a factory.”

“Really? To a plant?” Colbert replied. “Yes, he was a brave young man from Ohio named Jack, and the nation sent him to climb that beanstalk, where he soared to at Feefifofum. “

“He’s trying to talk about Neil Armstrong, but he said plant when he meant planet, which is not where Neil Armstrong went,” he added. “It’s like trying to describe George Washington by saying, ‘You know who I’m talking about! The guy on the silver with the cherry teeth, with the paint of him running through the cold cuts, you know!

In other news, former Trump attorney general William Barr continues to publicly distance himself from his former boss. In an interview with Atlantic published over the weekend, Barr said he always thought Trump’s baseless allegations of voter fraud were “all bullshit.”

“And Bill Barr should know that – he’s spent the last two years with his lips very close to that bull’s ass,” Colbert joked.

Barr also said Mitch McConnell had urged him to speak out on the big lie of voter fraud in the aftermath of the election, while the Senate Minority Leader himself remained a mum. “McConnell reportedly told the truth himself last December, but he needed the help of the former president to ensure that the GOP wins the two second elections in Georgia, which they lost,” said Colbert. “In the end, Mitch McConnell sold his soul for nothing. So, a fair enough price.

Colbert also referred to the nearly $ 1 billion infrastructure proposal championed by Joe Biden after a bipartisan group of 21 senators struck a deal last week. In an attempt to gain the support of his colleagues, Bill Cassidy, a Republican senator from Louisiana, invoked his wife’s support and called roads and bridges a “women’s problem” because they “do the shopping.”

On Sunday’s Meet the Press show, Cassidy explained that women “in addition to commuting to work, take the kids to school or run errands. And the more time she spends on this road, the less time she spends doing things of greater value. So if you talk to her, she’ll say it’s a good bill.

Colbert added: “And then she will clarify,” I mean the infrastructure bill, not my husband Bill. Have you heard the bullshit he says about women? ‘ “

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