Season 3 of The Sinner has been the subject of several hypotheses regarding its release on Netflix. The platform of streaming has finally lifted the veil on the release date of this third chapter that we were all impatiently awaiting.

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Season 3 Netflix Release Date

You can find a new case in the company of Detective Ambrose (still brilliantly played by Bill Pullman) from June 2, 2021. And like any self-respecting anthology series, this new season will open a new investigation completely independent of the others.

A new case for Harry Ambrose

Season 3 of The Sinner will focus on a fatal car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester, in upstate New York. But this off the road reveals a hidden crime that draws Harry Ambrose into a far more troubling affair than it appears.

Critical welcome

If season 3 has not received a reception as favorable as the two previous seasons, we are eager to discover Matt Bomer in a complex role and particularly greeted by the critics.

Will there be a season 4?

The anthology series The Sinner will continue: a season 4 has, in fact, been ordered. Little is known about this new chapter except that Bill Pullman will give the reply to Alice Kremelberg (Chicago Seven) at the heart of a new drama that we can’t wait to discover.

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