Do you like detective series? Well, good news, as Season 3 of the acclaimed “The Sinner” series finally hits Netflix on June 20. After a very long wait, fans of the anthology series mixing drama, detective and thriller by Derek Simonds to whom we also owe “Call Me By Your Name” will once again be able to follow Harry Ambrose’s thrilling investigations. But what does this new season have in store for us? This is what we will find out in this article.

The Sinner Season 3 - Netflix

“The Sinner”, what is it about?

If the title doesn’t ring a bell, or if you’ve never heard of Inspector Harry Ambrose, that’s okay, because we’ll explain everything to you. Already, you should know that the series was created by Derek Simonds who was inspired by the novel of the same name by the famous German writer Petra Hammesfahr.

This is an anthological thriller that will take us into a psychological atmosphere rather than a police one, in which the plot of each season, made up of eight episodes, is completely independent of the others. This will surely remind you of other series of the genre like “American Horror Story”, “True Detective” or “Tell me A Story”.

The Sinner Season 3 - Netflix

However, unlike other detective series, “The Sinner” is a title where discovering the identity of the murderer is not the aim of the investigation, but rather the reasons why the person ended up committing the irreparable. . As already specified above, we therefore follow the incredible investigations of Inspector Harry Ambrose who in the first season had to elucidate a murder of great violence in public, which was committed by a young mother without her understanding the reasons. In season 2 which came out in 2018, the inspector came across an 11-year-old little boy who intentionally murdered his poor parents. How can these things happen? We let you find out by watching the series if you’ve never seen it.

The plot and the cast of season 3 of “The Sinner”

For season 3 of “The Sinner”, the creator of the series Derek Simonds has also reserved something even more exciting, darker and without forgetting the good dose of suspense as usual. This time, our investigator will have to unravel a mysterious murder that took place in upstate New York. A case which promises to be the most dangerous and the most disturbing that Harry Ambrose will have had to solve during his many years of career. It will thus be question of a car accident which results in the death of the driver, Nick Haas. A death which for Harry is not accidental and after having conducted his investigation, he discovers that it is his friend Jamie Burns, a sympathetic professor who is responsible for it. But why did you kill him? That’s what the inspector is going to have to find out.

The Sinner Season 3 - Netflix

Casting side, we will obviously find the great Bill Pullman in the role of Inspector Harry Ambrose. At his side, after the incredible performance of actress Jessica Biel (Seven at Home, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) in the first season and Carrie Coon (The Leftovers, Fargo) in the second season, it is the turn of actor Matt Bomer to play Ambrose in the role of Jamie Burns. He is a regular in detective series, which we have already seen in “FBI: very special duo” or “Chuck”. We will also see Jessica Hecht as Sonya Barzel, Parisa Fitz-Henley as Leela Burns and Eddie Martinez as Vic Soto.

Is a season 4 already planned?

The Sinner Season 3 - Netflix

For the fans, rest assured since a season 4 of the anthology series “The Sinner” has already been ordered. A new season which for the moment has no release date and no details have yet been revealed concerning the plot. However, we can tell you that for this next season, it will be the actress Alice Kremelberg (The Seven of Chicago) who will give the answer to Bill Pullman.

So, if you are a fan of crime series and if you liked the previous seasons of “The Sinner”, don’t forget that season 3 will be available this June 20 on Netflix.

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