With the surprise credits scene in Loki Episode 4, it looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe series has erased the characters from its trailers.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Loki episode 4.

With the surprise credits scene in Loki, it appears that Marvel’s Disney + series has secretly erased the characters from its trailers. In Loki Episode 4, “The Nexus Event”, the Keepers of Time are exposed as a lie. After being captured by the Time Variance Authority, Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) are brought before the Time-Keepers to be executed, aka “cut. However, the duo break free and manage to rip off the head of one of the Timekeepers. It turns out that the Timekeepers are just robots, and someone else is secretly pulling the strings of time. TVA Shortly after the revelation, Loki is cut off by Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), supposedly disappearing from existence.

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A Loki The credits scene reveals that the God of Mischief is not quite dead yet. At the end of Loki Episode 4, The Trickster awakens in what appears to be a different timeline. “Am I dead?“Loki asks.”Not yet“, responds a voice,”But you will be unless you come with us. Loki realizes he’s ahead of several other Loki variations that have likely been trimmed as well. They include Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei), Kid Loki (Jack Veal), and Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant). measure, there’s even an alligator or a Loki crocodile, and the scene opens up the possibility that other hewn Loki variants could return as well.

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The end credits scene appears to be exhibiting something from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Loki wakes up, he and the other Loki variants appear to be in the ruins of New York City. As proof, a destroyed Avengers tower looms in the background like an MCU Easter Egg. Interestingly, the location was also indicated in the Loki trailer. It was previously thought to be a scene from an alternate timeline, showing a future where Loki won in 2012 The Avengers. However, the Loki variants were nowhere to be found in the trailer photo, hinting that there was a deception going on.

With the reveal of the credits, Marvel apparently admits to erasing characters from its trailers. The New York City shot shown in the original Loki the trailer appears to depict the events immediately following the credits scene. Loki wears the same clothes and the Avengers Tower is also present. The absence of the new Loki variants in the shot apparently indicates that the scene has been edited so that the trailer hides spoilers. Loki also did so with a scene from the trailer depicting Lamentis-1. In Loki Episode 3, Loki and Lady Loki frantically roam the streets of a town on Lamentis-1, trying to escape the apocalypse. But in the trailer, only a mysterious hooded character is seen running into the scene. Lady Loki was only revealed Loki episode 2, so the edited trailer was a way to hide his identity.

Marvel is known to occasionally modify its trailers, and the confirmation that it has done so with Loki opens up many possibilities. the Loki the trailers still have several scenes that have yet to appear in the series, including shots of Asgard and Loki wearing a campaign button. These could also be tweaked when they finally air, possibly revealing even more interesting Loki variants or proving some earlier speculations to be wrong. While the truth about the Time-Keepers is a major reveal, the altered scenes could hide even bigger twists. Either way, the evil god is all about deception, and this deception apparently extends even to the Loki trailers.

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