Since Saturday June 19, 2021, Sweetheart 25 broadcasts two episodes a week the British series Call The Midwife. In this historical drama, we follow the adventures of Jenny Lee, a young midwife, one of whose first positions is in a convent, in the heart of a deprived district in the East End of London, in the 1950s. She then discovers a poverty that she was far from imagining; all accompanied by situations that sometimes go beyond it, but always with one or more births at the end of the day.

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Critically acclaimed and award-winning, Call The Midwife is a real success. But the wait can seem long between the two broadcasts, especially since the series is not available on Netflix (there was a time when it was). So to allow you to wait wisely, we invite you to discover 5 series of eras that could please you just as much! Let’s go.

The young ladies of the telephone


The Crown

The Lady’s Game

Anne with an E

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