Netflix has constant movements in its catalog both for new releases and for the content it is removing from its library. Departures and cancellations are among them. However, in the last few hours, it was known that a series from the platform would stop broadcasting for reasons unrelated to the streaming giant: NBC dropped out of Good Girls after four seasons. What happened?

“Three financially-struggling suburban moms decide to end their ordeal of not making ends meet, and they do so with a life-defining decision: they consider robbing a supermarket with a toy gun.”, is the official synopsis for this show created in 2018 by Jenna Bans and starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman Yes Reno wilson.

The success of the first season made Netflix pay attention to the show and made a deal with the production company to add it to their catalog as their own. However, the passage of time has not been generous with the series and the relationship between the two parties broke down. Currently, the fourth installment is being released in the United States and NBC has already announced that it will be the last.

Why was Good Girls canceled?

As collected Hollywood journalist, the rights holder wanted to resume the show on the TV channel for a fifth and final season, but couldn’t agree to it with Netflix and contractual obligations made it impossible to continue the series.

As a first step, NBC decided to come to an agreement with the streaming giant to offset the costs of the series, but it also limited the decision-making capacity of the producers because Netflix had the rights internationally. To make matters worse, audiences began to drop, the platform began to lose interest in the project and the contract prevented chapters from returning to their place of origin.

Season 4 of Good Girls airs every Wednesday in the United States and the actors already know they won’t be coming back to the set. As the cast link expires at the end of the month, NBC has decided to announce the cancellation even before the season ends. Sadness for the fans.

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