Netflix and video games, it’s a big new love story. The streaming platform has planned to broadcast adaptations of a whole slew of new worlds on the small screen, in live action or in animation. After the success of Castlevania between 2017 and 2021, and the series The Witcher who signed for a new season is DOTA: Dragon’s Blood who signed for a season in 2022. Season 1 has aired since March 25 on Netflix.

The next game to air on Netflix is ​​expected to be Resident Evil, with the Infinite Darkness series, on July 8.

The animated series is produced by TMS Entertainment for Netflix. The studio is behind hundreds of series and films including Akira and Detective Conan.

Then, at the end of the year, still exclusively on Netflix, we will finally see the beginning of the LoL Cinematic Universe with the arrival of Arcane, the official series on the lore of the game, produced by the Riot teams and directed by Ash Brannon.

Other games adapted in animated series on Netflix? Splinter Cell, produced by Derek Kolstad (John Wick) and based on the first licensed film. A date in 2021 had been mentioned but no information for too long to be sure. Netflix has also already announced Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, produced by Ubisoft Film & Television and whose date of 2021 could be pushed back. This film would be adapted from Far Cry Blood Dragon.

Finally, a last series, but this one is confirmed for this year: The Cuphead Show, co-produced by Netflix Animation and based on the old-school game of the same name.

Sonic Prime, Resident Evil and Cyberpunk in 2022

Netflix’s 2022 season may be even richer in content. We will find there in particular the animated series Sonic Prime co-produced by Man of Action and Netflix Animation and based on the adventures of Sonic, but also the live-action series resident Evil produced by Constantin Film (like films in the cinema) and directed by Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead). We will follow the adventures of the Wesker in Raccoon City in 8 one-hour episodes.

Ubisoft Film and Television and Netflix have also joined forces to adapt a bunch of licenses for the French brand. In 2022, we should see (or hear about) The Division (live action film), Assassin’s Creed (live-action series AND animated series), Beyond Good and Evil (film mixing live and animation) and far cry (animated series).

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the animated series adapted from the CD Projekt game, is scheduled for 2022 on Netflix.

The strangers in Final Fantasy, Overwatch and Diablo

Finally, some productions are already announced or planned by Netflix but we do not know the official date. Let’s start with Diablo Netflix Series, an animated series that would have been postponed to 2022, if not forever. It could have been canceled by Blizzard when Overwatch 2 was postponed to 2022, just like the overwatch series, which has not given any news for several years either.

Powerhouse (Castlevania series) also announced a animated series about Tomb Raider in co-production with Netflix and which will follow the new trilogy.

The animated series Devil may cry, produced by Adi Shankar but exclusively Netflix could be postponed to 2022 too, at best. Finally, a live-action series on Final Fantasy, obviously adapted from FF 14 Online and produced by Sony Pictures Television, could it also be broadcast by Netflix, but when? Hard to say.

In any case, between current Netflix productions and co-productions, and upcoming adaptations on HBO (The Last of Us), Paramount + (Halo) or at cinema (Uncharted), video games on our big and small screens have a bright future ahead of them.

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