DSTV becomes a one-stop-shop for Netflix and other streaming services

Multichoice is one of the main players in the African pay TV and streaming sectors. The South African company is in the process of creating a unified streaming platform that will make DSTV a one-stop shop for all video entertainment. This process began last year, Multichoice having aggregated Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube into its DSTV Explora Ultra offering.

According to Multichoice CEO Calvo Mawela, this is only the beginning. “We are positioning ourselves as a super-aggregator where we add all the other streaming providers to our platform”, did he declare. ‚ÄúThis will position DSTV as a one-stop-shop where anyone who wants to see video entertainment can come to our platform and access all available streaming services. “

He also specified that the first results of this strategy are satisfactory. Soon, DSTV customers will be able to pay for all of its combined services on one bill. The purpose of the company is to provide them with simplicity, choice, and convenience.

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