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It was Universal Holiday Box Office Week, with two new films from the studio and a third from last week leading the way. Only one of them is currently available to stream as well. True, the focus is on the grand franchise taking a major step forward in record pandemic time, but the most promising story could be the franchise the studio has acquired, showing that family films could be on the rise. Or that no one realized that it was also available for free on Peacock.

King of the harvest: F9 Pump his brakes but still lead the pack

It was definitely an all-around family weekend, with barbecues, fireworks and the Toretto gang holding their No.1 spot at the box office, although that was good news / bad news. To start with the obvious good is that F9 released $ 100 million in just eight days. It’s a full week better than Paramount’s A Quiet Place, Part II and about 10 weeks faster than it took Godzilla vs. Kong. Exclusive business to be sure, though F9 Would definitely like to join the ranks of its predecessors and set new box office milestones in the future.

Making $ 24million this weekend is almost $ 5million better than A Quiet Place, Part II‘s second round. The big difference is that Calm debuted on a holiday weekend with $ 47.5 million and fell to $ 19.2 million. Yes F9last week’s $ 70 million startup was even more impressive, so we also have to conclude that barely beating Calm the second week with a bank holiday is less so. Almost $ 126 million through Monday is still not to be sneezed at during these times, but the 10-day total of $ 117 million puts F9 further on with the fourth entry, Fast Furious, that all films since. (Hobbs & Shaw Excluded.) Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s reunion in that fourth film grossed $ 116.4 million by day 10, the result of a second (non-holiday) weekend of $ 27.2 million. F9 has the advantage of summer weekdays in its favor (F&F opened in April), which could make the difference to surpass the $ 155 million that No.4 grossed. However, anything less than $ 176 million would still represent a drop of more than $ 50 million for The fate of the furious‘final gross. Again, F9 became the highest grossing film in the world during the pandemic with more than $ 491 million.

The top ten and beyond: The boss baby and The purge forever Complete a Universal Top Three Sweep

When it was announced that Universal was putting The Boss Baby: family business on its Peacock service the same day it hit theaters, it seemed like another white flag that the studio had recognized with limited returns currently in the family market. There you go, the movie still managed to make $ 17.3 million over the weekend and around $ 23 million through Monday. That’s still a far cry from the $ 50.1 million the original film opened for in 2017, but aside from the “PG-13” Cruel ($ 21.4 million) this is the best real family opening to date since last year Forward, which opened just a week before everything started to close. It should also exceed Peter Rabbit 2is total by next weekend. This is the half-full version of the opening. The half-empty one imagines what could have been achieved without the streaming option that costs nothing more than a Peacock subscription, which starts at just $ 5 per month. An even darker timeline might wonder how many families signed up for the service this week just to get The boss baby after.

The other Universal title that settles in the top 3 this week is The purge forever (aka supposedly The Last Purge.) This entry had the lowest start yet at $ 12.7 million over the weekend. The $ 15.8million estimated as of Monday is $ 10million less than the $ 26.23million The first purge (aka the last Purge film aka the Fourth) did in its first four days after opening on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. Nonetheless, that film still exceeded the $ 64.47 million of the original 2013 film at $ 69.48 million. All of the Purge films grossed between $ 64 million and $ 80 million; this can be expected to reach around $ 40 to $ 45 million.

Everything is less than $ 6 million from here, but leading this group’s peloton again is A Quiet Place, Part II, which is now heading for over $ 150 million, possibly by next weekend. It should at least have the distinction of being the first film during the pandemic to cross that milestone while surpassing that of last year. Sonic the hedgehog become the second highest grossing film (just Bad boys for life) in 2020-2021. F9 will be racing to claim that spot, but that won’t happen next weekend, and if he continues to drop rapidly, don’t be shocked if John Krasinski’s sequel keeps the race close.

In tenth place, it’s a great story with Janicza Bravo Zola of A24, grabbing $ 1.2 million over the weekend and $ 2 million since it opened last Wednesday. The 2020 Sundance favorite opened in 1,468 theaters compared to 1,433 for its competitor Sundance ’20, The mail, which grossed $ 2.19 million in its first five days of release and ended up grossing $ 6.6 million. Certified 86% fresh, Zola has the tenth best score among 2021 wide releases and is estimated at $ 2.44 million through Monday

On The Vine: Marvel’s First Big Screen Phase Four Release

The film which was due to be released more than a year ago is finally arriving in theaters. by marvel Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh and David Harbor are hoping to take the box office to the next level before the big August comic book movie launches. But will the availability of Premium Access on Disney + stray far enough from theaters to make it one of the least grossing films in the MCU?

Full list of box office results: July 2-5



  • $ 32.79 million ($ 125.9 million in total)


The Boss Baby: family business

  • $ 23 million ($ 23 million in total)


The purge forever

  • $ 15.86 million ($ 15.86 million in total)


A Quiet Place, Part II

  • $ 5.57 million ($ 145.78 million in total)


The bodyguard of the hitman’s wife

  • $ 3.9 million ($ 32.27 million in total)



  • $ 3.2 million ($ 77.23 million in total)


Peter Rabbit 2: The Fugue

  • $ 3.05 million ($ 35.21 million in total)


In the heights

  • $ 1.68 million ($ 27.3 million in total)



  • $ 1.65 million ($ 2.4 million in total)


The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

  • $ 1.61 million ($ 62.54 million in total)

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