F9: The Fast Saga kept the metal pedal over the weekend of July 4 and retained their pole position at the North American box office, edging out a trio of newcomers that included a sequel to The Boss Baby, the last opus of the Purge franchise, and a buzzing indie based on an epic Twitter thread. Thanks to its continued box office success abroad, F9 became the first Hollywood film to surpass the $ 500 million mark since the pre-pandemic blockbuster Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

A week later, he rolled off the starting line with a $ 70million debut, the tenth chapter in Universal’s muscle-car cycle, which features Diesel wine and Michelle rodriguez, has accumulated an additional $ 24 million over the three-day vacation period (it is estimated to reach $ 32.7 million by the end of Monday). Originally slated to hit multiplexes over Memorial Day weekend 2020, F9 was one of the most prominent pillars to be put on hold when the COVID-19 pandemic brought the theatrical movie industry to a screeching halt over a year ago. Now, it appears to be the savior of this same industry.

Even so, the PG-13 rated Speed ​​Demon sequel fell 65.7% from the previous frame, which may seem like a pretty steep drop, but is actually in line with the performance of Week 2 of previous installments of franchise. F9 took place in 4,203 locations and got an average of $ 5,710 per screen in its second session. Its total domestic box office after two weeks currently stands at $ 125.9 million. Overseas, where the film bowed earlier than in the United States, F9 grossed $ 374.4 million, bringing its worldwide revenue to $ 500.3 million.

F9 was not the only cause of a victory lap at Universal headquarters this weekend. Thanks to two other rookies, the studio had a hammer on the top three spots in North America on the red-white-and-blue frame. In second place was The Boss Baby: Family Business, a sequel to Uni’s 2017 kiddie smash, The boss baby, with once again the voice of Alec baldwin. The PG-rated sequel debuted $ 17.3 in its first three days (and it’s estimated to have its sticky little fingers on $ 23 million by the end of Monday). And while that doesn’t quite live up to the original’s $ 50.2 million in 2017 (the first movie ended up grossing $ 528 million worldwide), it’s probably about a much stronger rollout than it looks since the film was also screened simultaneously on NBCUniversal. new streaming platform, Peacock, and should convince new subscribers to sign up. As part of his rookie, boss baby 2 earned an average of $ 4,747 per screen in 3,644 theaters. To date, he has added a measly $ 1.5 million from overseas, bringing his worldwide income to $ 24.5 million. Audiences gave the film an “A” CinemaScore. The critics, needless to say, did not.

The third of Universal’s top three, and the third place holder this weekend, was the latest entry into Blumhouse’s lucrative Purge franchise, The Forever Purge. The R-rated dystopian horror sequel has scared a hair of less than $ 12.8 million in its first three days (and is expected to hit $ 15.9 million by the end of Monday). It was the lowest debut in the five-movie saga – the previous chapter, The First Purge, grossed $ 17.4 million in its first three days in 2018. Yet with a budget of around $ 18 million, The purge forever doesn’t need to tag particularly massive numbers to navigate your way in the dark. The new film earned an average of $ 4,178 per screen in 3,051 theaters. He raised just under $ 3.6 million overseas, bringing his world total to $ 19.4 million.

In fourth place was box office mainstay A Quiet Place Part II, which still manages to make a splash with $ 4.2 million in the first three days of its sixth weekend in multiplexes. Paramount’s PG-13-rated thriller is down -31.8% from the previous frame, averaging $ 1,495 per screen in 2,826 theaters. Its national total now stands at $ 144.4 million. Overseas, the film has added $ 112.1 million to date, bringing its current worldwide total to $ 257.9 million after factoring in the long holiday weekend numbers.

The Hitman’s Wife bodyguard, who scored $ 3 million in the first three days of his third weekend, completed the top five. The action thriller Lionsgate is down -38.2% from the previous session, earning an average of $ 892 per screen in 3,361 theaters. The R-rated sequel of 2017 The bodyguard of the hitman Now has a combined three-week domestic box office total of just under $ 31.4 million. So far, the film has grossed an additional $ 15.6 million from overseas, bringing its cumulative world gross to $ 47.9 million after tallying figures from the long holiday weekend.

Also note this weekend the semi-wide opening of the Zola of the A24. A twisted (and twisted) road movie thriller based on an epic Twitter feed about a pair of strippers (played by Taylor paige and Riley keough) heading to Florida where their trip goes haywire, the R-rated indie fell to tenth place with $ 1.2 million over the three-day weekend (since debuting on Wednesday, it made $ 2 million). Critically acclaimed after its premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, ZolaThe first weekend frame of its shipped an average of $ 837 per screen in 1,468 locations. It has not yet opened internationally.

Next week: Marvel’s Black Widow hits theaters.

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