Comedian and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who gave his name to one of the world’s most beloved sitcoms, will be working with Netflix on a new film. The subject ? The origins of Pop-Tart, a pastry to be heated in a toaster!

Pop-Tarts are a breakfast specialty most popular in North America. These flat pastries have a sweet filling between two layers of pastry crust, they can be found for all tastes and flavors, sometimes even with icing. If they can be eaten cold, they take on their full flavor once warmed in the toaster.

Seinfeld’s obsession

What is the relationship between these pastries and Seinfeld? As it turns out, the comedian is fascinated by Pop-Tarts, they’ve been part of some of his sketches and even participate in his joke-writing process! This is why he embarked on this project of a film on the subject: Unfrosted will tell the origins of this product.

The creator of the sitcom of the same name will work with the writers of Bee movie (Funny Bee, in France), with whom he had collaborated for this animated film released in 2007. In addition to writing, Jerry Seinfeld will produce and direct Unfrosted, he will also be part of the cast! Suffice to say that he is really passionate about the subject.

If Netflix was able to win the song, it is thanks to the good relations that the streaming platform has with the actor. The service broadcasts Seinfeld’s recent stand-ups, it has also purchased the rights to the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee presented by the comedian, and then we can see the old episodes of Seinfeld by the end of the year.

Netflix could hold a golden project, not only is Jerry Seinfeld still as popular as ever, but the subject of the film is delusional enough to draw crowds!

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