Former AOA member Mina has issued an apology for her recent cheating controversy.

On July 4, Mina posted a statement on Instagram announcing that she had broken up with her boyfriend, whom she called by his last name (Yoo). She also admitted, “It is true that Mr. Yoo and I cheated”, before apologizing for acting “like a cunning fox”.

Mina first revealed her relationship with Yoo on June 26, when she posted a photo of herself with a man on Instagram. She then confirmed in comments on the same day that the man in the photo was her boyfriend.

Shortly thereafter, an individual posted to an online community claiming that the man Mina called her boyfriend was in fact the boyfriend of her close friend (hereinafter referred to as A). The author of the article explained that the couple had lived together and dated for three years before Mina first contacted Yoo on Instagram via DM (direct message).

The author of the article added that Mina was aware of Yoo and A’s relationship, which remained heavily documented on her Instagram until the day Mina posted the photo (at the time of Mina’s article, Yoo and A’s couple photos were still visible on her Instagram account). She also posted a screenshot from their DMs in which Mina mentioned on June 10, “You and your girlfriend look good together.”

Mina initially responded to the post saying that although she knew Yoo had a girlfriend when they started chatting, she didn’t start dating him until after he had already broken up with A. However, screenshots of Yoo and A’s text messages posted by A’s friends revealed that Yoo didn’t actually break up with A before meeting Mina, but instead lied to her that he was going out with friends. of the Army. According to the screenshots, when A saw Mina’s photo and contacted Yoo in shock, Yoo replied, “I’m sorry I hurt you until the end,” before abruptly cutting off all contact with A. .

As the controversy continued to grow, Mina repeatedly denied the allegations and threatened to take legal action against the malicious posts and comments. She also posted on Instagram claiming that A’s father had contacted her with death threats and called her a “prostitute” and “slut.”

A then personally spoke for the first time to clarify that her father had never contacted Mina and had never even spoken to her – he had only contacted Yoo through DM to ask him to delete his messages on his daughter. , and he had never made any death threats or mention of Mina, let alone derogatory language such as calling her a prostitute.

A also revealed screenshots of her DMs with Mina when she first realized Mina and Yoo were involved. After seeing Mina’s photo, A texted Mina asking, which led to the following conversation:

A: Unnie, have you and my boyfriend decided to start seeing each other?
Mina: Do you know me? Who are you
A: You said: “You and your girlfriend are fine together”
A: [screenshot of Mina’s conversation with Yoo including the above quote]
Mina: Ah, that person?
Mina: So why are you DMing me?
Mina: He goes out with me after he broke up [with you]
Mina: Is it a problem?
A: If he had broken up with me, then why would our photos still be on my Instagram and Yoo’s? I really don’t understand why you pretend you don’t know. If he had broken up with me and started dating you, it wouldn’t make sense for him to leave all of his photos with his ex-girlfriend on his Instagram exactly as they are. Even the day you posted your pic with Yoo, the photos were still there, just like before. I’ll be clear: you posted your pic before Yoo and I broke up, and we only broke up because I saw this pic and the articles about it. Looking at the situation, I really don’t think you couldn’t have known. Please tell Yoo to stop calling me. I don’t know why I have to be harassed more when I’m the victim.
[Screenshot showing Mina blocked A]

On July 3, a group of AOA fans gathered to issue a statement regarding Mina’s allegations that she was bullied by her former bandmate Jimin while at AOA. Fans said they did not agree with Mina’s position, contradicting some of the specific claims she made last year, and pointed out that even though Jimin had left AOA and the industry entertainment, she had never admitted to bullying Mina.

On July 4, Mina released a statement that began with, “Yes. After listening to the opinion of those who disparaged me, I wanted to quickly talk about this incident and then post it as a video, but people said they didn’t want to see my face, so I’m posting it as text. . “

She went on to state the following:

Translator’s Note: Some parts of the original statement were not written in full or grammatically correct sentences, as Mina herself mentions at the end of the statement.

What I heard from Mr. Yoo (I decided not to bother hiding [his profile photo] since his name has already been in the Naver search term ranking for quite some time), it was because their relationship was already not good, that they were arguing a lot, that their personalities did not match, that he was dating with her out of familiarity. Also, Mr. Yoo first expressed his interest in me, and I felt drawn to him too because we connected so well in the conversation. We also had a lot in common in terms of the course. But back then we were talking about things like “We shouldn’t be doing this because you have a girlfriend,” and “I’m ending it,” and “I ended it for good ‘then we must have fallen in love with each other and started dating, right? At the time, I thought since we started dating after they broke up, even though I hadn’t done anything I could be proud of, it wasn’t cheating. Even now, I have a lot of older and younger fans that I’ve become a close friend with, rather than calling them fans, and I still have those kinds of relationships.

Anyway, at the time, I was still thinking, “If they broke up when they weren’t in love anymore, why is everyone so mad about it?” Is it really fair that I didn’t admit to cheating? You may find that amazing, but that is honestly how I felt. This is why, at the time, I wrote my messages very coldly, and why I spoke to the victim [A] in an argumentative tone, instead of a polite tone.

After seeing his ex-girlfriend’s recent post on Nate Pann, as well as the KakaoTalk messages they exchanged, I heard the honest truth from Mr. Yoo. It was all lies. Because of this, I was able to think about things from his ex-girlfriend’s point of view.

It’s true that Mr. Yoo and I cheated. I’m so sorry for the ex-girlfriend and her acquaintances, who must have been hurt because of me. Thanks to your courage in posting the post, I ended up learning the truth, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t blame Mr. Yoo at all. But it’s a definite fact that I’m an author, and I ended up looking like I only listened to one side and kept insisting that I hadn’t done anything like that. wrong, and I admit it’s all my fault and I really think about it.

There were no words like “prostitute” in [A’s] SMS from father. I wasn’t saying that I had heard those words from her father, but I was just writing down various things that I had heard here and there, and I was saying that I had received threats that were [not death threats, but] in terms of death threats. The reason is that [in his text messages to Yoo asking him to take down his posts about A], he wrote the plural of “you” so I thought I was included. And to make someone pee, they would have to be on the verge of death or actually die. People only pee themselves when they are at the highest level of fear. People don’t piss themselves off when they are simply raped, hurt or beaten by dozens of people. That’s why I was so scared at the time, and I was like, “Is this not going too far?” But after finding out the truth about everything, what would parents want their precious daughter’s boyfriend to suddenly double her with a random woman for several days… I get it.

Mina concluded:

I sincerely apologize. In this incident with Mr. Yoo and his ex-girlfriend, I am clearly an abuser, and because I realized this too late, I behaved in a stupid way. Of course, I admit my wrongdoing and would like to bow my sincere apologies to the victim who was once his girlfriend. And of course, I’m not currently dating Mr. Yoo anymore. From today, I will only receive messages of encouragement from people, and I will not respond to anyone. I will also be severing all contact with the fans that I am currently in contact with. I really feel very guilty for being too free-spirited and for doing the way I wanted, and I’m sorry. I also apologize for having disappointed a lot of people.

Regarding the mention of Shin Jimin, I also want to ask. Why do many people bring it up … and this statement [by AOA’s fans] was a mess too… she had nothing to do with this incident, and I don’t want to talk about her either. So don’t try to make me an author in this matter with lies. Regarding the Shin Jimin case, I am a huge victim.

Once again, I apologize to the victim [A] for causing trouble with this incident. This kind of thing should never happen again in the future, and I will take more responsibility in my words and actions from now on to prevent more victims from occurring in the future. I also apologize for not writing clearly, rambling in my handwriting, and using incorrect spelling and grammar. I also want to correct this aspect [of my writing], but I’m not that well educated, so even though it’s embarrassing, I hope you will understand… I also admit that I acted like a cunning fox… I’m so sorry…

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