Ian McKellan in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Ian McKellan in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
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from amazon The Lord of the Rings is fast becoming one of the most expensive TV shows of all time, with start up costs, combined with the budget of the the first season of the show (of a project five), should cost $ 465 million. But a new report from The New Zealand Herald, the biggest newspaper in the country, suggests that there could be problems on the set of the series, with at least one stuntman alleging that they had been subjected to unsafe practices during filming.

Specifically, the report notes that three of the show’s stuntmen were “seriously” injured while filming., including an interpreter, Elissa Cadwell, who would have received a payment of $ 500,000 from Amazon after sustaining an injury on set. (The Herald report takes care to specify that this payment was “was allegedly in part to help Cadwell return home and settle in Australia and was not an admission of guilt by Amazon. Plus, Dayna Grant, a seasoned artist whose career dates back to her days doubling for Lucy Lawless on the Xena-souffert, through Deadline, a concussion while filming the show. (Grant is reportedly set to have brain surgery to treat an aneurysm, though it’s important to note that she worked on several projects after Rings, and that there is no clear link between his current condition and the injury on the show.)

The only stuntman to have recorded with the Herald on security concerns, however, was Thomas Kiwi, who has previously appeared on several of Peter Jackson’s films. The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Kiwi called the show’s stunt management “so dangerous,” noting that he left the show in March after sustaining a rotator cuff injury from a backflip stunt. Kiwi says his concerns about his rigging for the stunt were glossed over by the show’s staff, and industry standard practices including a meeting with people who would prepare him for wire work to talk of the waterfall, were ignored. . “They should be more comfortable, “Kiwi said,” Bbecause there is a lot of shit it’s happening in the stunt department and a lot of dangerous things have happened. I just left.”

Amazon, for what it’s worth, is adamant that it did nothing wrong while filming the series, including allegations it underreported the injuries to WorkSafe NZ, the organization government responsible for overseeing occupational health and safety in the country.. “Amazon Studios takes the health, physical and emotional well-being of our cast and crew very seriously,” the company said through a spokesperson. “As a top priority, the production team continues to be in full compliance with government regulations for WorkSafe NZ Safety and Security. Any claim or report that activities on the set are dangerous or outside the regulations are completely inaccurate. “

The Lord of the Rings is expected to aim for a late 2021 premiere date.

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