Model Bridget Malcolm poses on a Victoria's Secret red carpet in 2015.

Bridget Malcolm was previously a model for Victoria’s Secret. Jim Spellman / Getty Images

  • Bridget Malcolm said she was told to take cocaine and “have a lot of sex” to lose weight as a minor.

  • She also said she had developed severe anxiety, anorexia, PTSD and more.

  • The former Victoria’s Secret model is now in recovery and pushing for change in the industry.

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Former Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm recently opened, encouraged by her modeling agencies to lose weight as a minor.

In a video posted to Instagram on Saturday, Malcolm took to commentators who asked her why she had just opened up about the negative experiences she had had working in the fashion industry in the past.

She shared that she had spent the past few years recovering from these experiences and finally felt happy, balanced and strong enough to talk. “I feel better than ever,” she said in her video.

“By the age of 18, I had lived alone in three countries. I traveled to every continent except Antarctica. I was cared for by a much older man. have been sexually assaulted several times. I was told to take cocaine for weight loss by my agent, I was told every week and I was pressured a lot to lose weight from my agencies, ”said Malcolm.

Later in her video, the model added that modeling agencies also told her to “do a lot of sex to lose weight.” She said she was underage during all of these experiences and struggled with her gender identity at the time.

Malcolm said she developed PTSD, anorexia, orthorexia, anxiety and depression, and ultimately “couldn’t socialize without drinking.” She went on to say that she “developed a considerable addiction to Xanax and Ambien” at one point.

Malcolm also said in her video that after having a “nervous breakdown” on her 26th birthday, she couldn’t leave her house for a year without experiencing “severe anxiety” and panic attacks.

“I also had an episode of suicidal ideation, which was terrifying, and that was four years ago,” she said.

Bridget Malcolm Victoria's Secret

Bridget Malcolm appeared in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2015 and 2016. Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Malcolm said she is now able to talk about her experiences because she has been sober for over two years and has been recovering from her eating disorder for four years.

“The reality is that I couldn’t talk about my experiences until I reached this place because I would have intense flashbacks of PTSD, I would have panic attacks and I would not be well,” he said. she declared. “But I’m fine now, and that’s why I’m speaking out. I’m in a solid recovery and I’m strong enough for any backlash, and I wasn’t before that.”

Malcolm said the “only reason” she chose to share her story is because she is “a strong believer that the fashion industry needs to change.”

“I’m one of the lucky models – I was able to have a long career in the fashion industry,” she said. “But my job shouldn’t include abuse, and that’s why I’m speaking out now.”

Earlier this month, Malcolm slammed his former employer Victoria’s Secret on TikTok.

She shared that she wore a size 30A bra during the 2016 fashion show, and that it was very important to her at the time. Now, according to Malcolm, that’s a “healthy” size 34B. She also said former Victoria’s Secret Marketing Director Ed Razek turned her off the 2017 show because he said her body “didn’t look good enough.”

She went on to call the brand’s recent decision to replace its cast of Angels with a diverse group of ambassadors as a “performative ally.”

Representatives for Bridget Malcolm declined to comment for this story.

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