While much of the country moves to “get back to normal,” part of that normalcy naturally includes summer concerts. In a delightful little throwback, Four Seasons Total Landscaping – the same garden maintenance store that hosted a Trump campaign press conference born of epic logistical mistakes – will be a venue for a concert in Philadelphia next month. . The news was tweeted by the place itself Thursday.

The Philly concert at the now famous landscaping store, notably located next to an adult sex toy store, will feature solo performances by Laura Jane Grace and Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms on August 21. Write down your calendars!

“This will be the first and last time Brendan and I perform for a landscaping company and we promise it will be better than this MAGA shit show,” Grace said in a statement.

Although the schedule has been locked, that does not mean the trolling is over. The site also tweeted a Photoshopped image of Rudy Giuliani on the head of a lead singer with the caption: “Auditions for the opening slot got interesting…”

The once anonymous, hole-in-the-wall store where customers can buy loose potting soil was catapulted into viral fame overnight when former President Trump’s failed re-election campaign mistakenly booked the store instead of the Four Seasons Hotel in Philly for a press conference. The presser, slated for the day the voting was finally over and Joe Biden became president-elect, would see Trump associates like Rudy Giuliani speak out to challenge the election results and pedal the lies that would ultimately lead to mobs of supporters of Trump storming the U.S. Capitol not two months later.

Of course, without foreseeing the violence and terror to come, the press conference and its unlikely venue became the makings of a comedic legend. Earlier this year, it was announced that the debacle surrounding Four Seasons Total Landscaping would be adapted for a documentary titled “Four Seasons Total Documentary” – described in its press release as a “heartwarming first-hand account of the roller coaster journey that ‘a good – which means small businesses in Philadelphia came through when they agreed to host a political press conference amid the most contested US election in recent history. ”

The documentary will come from director Christopher Stoudt, in collaboration with producers Glen Zipper, Sean Stuart, Chris Paonessa and Kevin Lincoln. It will also hopefully provide insight into some of the remaining and unanswered questions about Team Trump’s big little incident.

It all started with the then president’s tweet, “Lawyers News Conference Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00″. Shortly after, he offered this clarification: “Big press conference today in Philadelphia at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. 11:30 am!” Then it was the turn of the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia to clarify the situation via tweet: “To clarify, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. It will be held at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. None. relationship with the hotel. ”

Had the Trump team tried to book the hotel and been turned down? Was it just a logistical mistake? If so, how could a presidential campaign team have made such a mistake? Did the sex toy store next door comment on this?

Almost a year after the mess of the press conference, Four Seasons Total Landscaping remains an icon in public memory, to be celebrated and commemorated with an upcoming concert. Speaking of the concert, tickets go on sale this week – and, of course, exclusive t-shirts and merchandise too.

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