Joshua Safran, the creator of the Gossip Girl reboot, discusses his opinion on offering cameo roles to the original series’ cast.

the Gossip Girl Reboot creator Joshua Safran explains why the original characters won’t have cameos. The original Gossip Girl The series ended almost ten years ago after garnering a large following during the series’ five years of airing. The show, based on the Gossip Girl books, followed the lives, scandals and relationships of several young socialites in New York. Now, the future of Gossip Girl the franchise is in the hands of Joshua Safran. Rather than trying to reinvent beloved characters from the old series, the reboot will revolve around a whole new cast and a whole new story.

The show featured notable artists such as Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen), Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf), Sebastian Stan (Carter Baizen) and Chance Crawford (Nate Archibald). While the series has helped catapult several celebrity careers, the on-screen characters have proven to be equally memorable. The quirky characters caught the audience’s attention and left people guessing who the narrator, Gossip Girl, was until the final season was revealed. Almost ten years later, Blair and Chuck’s relationship is still considered one of the best examples of character development in modern television.

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In a recent interview with People, Safran brought up the rumor of possible cameos, and that doesn’t look good for fans hoping to catch a glimpse of some of their favorite characters. Safran hasn’t completely ruled out the future appearance of the original characters, but for now, none of the series regulars will appear in the reboot.

“Hopefully we get there and get in touch with the cast if the time is right to see if they will want to come. There are cameos in Season 1 from people from the original series, but not regulars from the series. . The public would never accept these [new] characters if they were in the shadow of the original characters. They’re already in the shadow of the original characters, but if the original characters were there with them somehow, why would you briefly want to get to know Zoya if you can suddenly see Nate? “

Restarting Gossip Girl

Safran seems determined to bring the new series to life by focusing it entirely on the new cast. Rather than rehashing old stories, the Gossip Girl reboot will branch off in a new creative direction. However, that doesn’t mean the show will stray completely from its original roots. Confirmation of the smaller character cameos reveals that it will somehow tie into the old series. Safran also added that the reboot would feature a much larger number of regulars, which means limited screen time for free cameos.

The idea of ​​shaking up the original characters may upset some, but it seems more effective in starting the reboot. Hopefully, this will allow audiences to get more involved in the new storylines rather than just waiting for a disappointing short cameo that makes viewers look forward to the original cast. The reboot will focus on how the influence of social media has evolved in recent years as a new group of prep school students come under Gossip Girl’s microscope. On a brighter note, Safran hasn’t completely ruled out future cameos from major stars. He just thinks they should show up when it makes sense to the plot, not just to appease a fan base.

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Gossip Girl is slated for release on HBO Max on July 8.

Source: People

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