A woman described her heartbreak after her terminally ill fiance died at the altar minutes before their wedding.

Alison Wynn, 38, was due to marry her 21-year-old partner in the Scottish town of Saltcoats on June 25 when the tragedy occurred.

Paul Wynn, who has 11 children including five with Alison Wynn, learned from doctors he had cancer just eight days before the wedding.

The 57-year-old was told it had spread to his pancreas and he would have between six weeks and two months to live.

The couple, who got engaged in October 2019, moved their July 16 ceremony forward after hearing the devastating news in a bid to ensure they could get married in the short time they had left together.

“If I had known we didn’t have long, I would have tried to organize the wedding for the start of the week,” said Alison Wynn. Ayrshire live. “He never received treatment.”

As Alison Wynn walked down the aisle, she could see that Paul Wynn had fallen ill and was slumped in a wheelchair.

“By the time I met him, I called his name several times,” she said.

“He didn’t turn around, he didn’t look at me and I realized that there was something wrong and I started to crack and I started shouting his name and we knew something was wrong. “

Alison Wynn said she waited about 10 minutes before heading to the aisle after realizing she had left her flowers at home and asked a friend to bring them to the location.

“By the time I had got my flowers and walked up the stairs. Everything seemed to be fine, although Paul seemed a little uncomfortable at this point and his kilt had been loosened a bit to help him feel more. comfortable, ”she said.

“He had actually been pushed into an office chair in the elevator and up the stairs because he had no energy to go up into the room. He was out of breath and struggling with what I was told. “

Emergency services attempted to resuscitate him using CPR and a defibrillator, to no avail.

Alison said her partner first visited a doctor in May this year, complaining of constant bleeding from her belly button. She said she was also alarmed at the weight he was losing

He later struggled with eating and keeping food and was ultimately only able to consume fluids by the time he was diagnosed with cancer just days before his death.

“It’s like it was only yesterday. I have to get up and move every day for the sake of my children but I can’t eat,” said Alison Wynn.

“Paul and I lost a child in 2004 after having a miscarriage, so it gives me a little reassurance that he’s up there with our child. His mother passed away in 2020 so at least he’s with her now too. “

Paying tribute to the man with whom she had spent more than half of her life, Alison added, “He would do anything for his children. He would stir heaven and earth for his children and everyone loved him.”

“He would give you every last penny he had. He made sure everyone got it before him. He was there for everyone.

“He was truly a fantastic father and his children were his life.”

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Figurines of the bride and groom are pictured on a table at a wedding party on September 13, 2014 in Hede-Bazouges, a suburb of Rennes, in western France. A woman paid tribute to her partner after his death minutes before they were about to tie the knot.

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