Netflix spoils us this week and promises to keep us busy this weekend! Many tasty outings are currently available on the platform and we certainly won’t complain! After all, Netflix is ​​always a good stopgap, if ever the terraces and restaurants are full everywhere.

Among the content that appeared on Netflix this week is the excellent drag queen competition, which insiders will call the Drag Olympics, RuPaul’s Drag race All Stars. Let us tell you that a season of All Stars is so quickly consumed when we are in good company (and our glass is never empty)!

In a completely different department, fans ofEmilia clarke will be happy and happy to learn that the thriller she starred in 2019 is now available on the platform. So you can add Above Suspicion, to your list!

There is another thriller that seems to flirt with horror starring Gina Rodriguez, which catches our attention and it is Awake. The premise revolves around an event that wiped out all electronic devices from the planet and thereby wiped out people’s ability to fall asleep. It promises, right?

To discover all the news of the last few days, slide below. Have a nice week end!

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