Each month, Netflix offers a new selection of interesting series and movies. Let’s discover the new seasons to follow absolutely!

For this month of June, Netflix has planned to spoil us! While some programs are new, others are eagerly awaited for their continuity. This is particularly the case with certain eagerly awaited series. Which ones should you absolutely follow? We give you our selection!

Lucifer Season 5 on Netflix

Lucifer viewers will be happier than ever with this second part. The devil is back with some good surprises! Indeed, new scenes will be in the foreground. This is particularly the case with the arrival of God on earth. An appearance that leaves us to think of many surprises!

Moreover, there will be a fight of the most unimaginable between the Prince of the Underworld and his twin is expected for this season. You will not be not disappointed with this new duel ! Two beautiful devils: who do you choose, Lucifer or his dark brother Michael?

Especially since everyone has great allies in their camp in view of the last episodes! But things do not end there since the series broadcast on Netflix has not forgotten its share of romance! Indeed, Lucifer and his teammate will be now in a relationship. A beginning of relationship which still leaves to think of some tumults despite their attempt to spend good times together.

Ragnarök season 2 will be epic!

Fans of mythical series will be dazzled by this second season of Ragnarök. The emotion will indeed be there! True to the first part, the fans will immerse in history of the two brothers.

Secrets unveiled and new mysteries to solve: here’s what to expect from the heroes of the series! And in view of the first episodes of this new saga that are already available, it is not the twists that will be missing!

What to dream of more than one since the plots have been thought to keep you going throughout. Furthermore, the twists will be big for Lauritz and Magne. Quickly discover the first episodes of this illustrious Nordic series!

Köminsky Method Season 3: a special legacy

The adventures continue in the Köminsky Method. This last part will focus on the particularly generous legacy that Newlander bequeathed to his friend Köminsky. In addition, the ex-wife of Sandy will reappear: which does not really help matters.

Unfortunately, this is the last season of this TV show. But to end this long story on a high note, humor will be redoubled with your favorite heroes! Other celebrities will be part of the cast during this Season 3 namely: Morgan Freeman and Barry Levinson.

We can therefore only be enthusiastic about the idea of ​​following the next episodes. Especially since the intrigues and the sensational scenes will multiply in this new saga of the Netflix series.

Master of None: an intimate Season 3 on Netflix!

The last series on our list is a nice surprise for its admirers. Indeed, Master of None fans have patient for four long years ! This unexpected sequel to the series will talk about the life of a heroine, who has long been sidelined. It’s about Denise, that endearing girl you saw in the first two seasons.

You will particularly appreciate some rather intimate scenes that she will share with Alicia. A rosewater story that will make you dream! The life of the beautiful Denise will be very moving with her roller coaster feelings. Spoiler alert: prepare your handkerchief!

Netflix is ​​one of the most followed streaming platforms in the world. Once again, he won over his many clients with exclusive episodes of his best shows. Do not wait any longer and indulge yourself with series evenings in perspective! You will have plenty to do with the best programs that will be available this month in addition to those that are yet to come!

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