Frankly, we can be positive since we haven’t seen it. But given the reviews from various media and the opinions of subscribers, a trend emerges: it’s not bad, interesting, addicting, but the end is really missed. Obviously, we will not reveal this ending, which is easy to find on the Internet without even having seen the film. Nor the many twists and turns that punctuate Awake. But we can just warn you that we shouldn’t wait for the wonders of this American film.

Lucius Hoyos, Gina Rodriguez and Ariana Greenblatt will they be able to save the world?© Peter H. Stranks / NETFLIX

Abroad, the media multiply puns: “a film to sleep upright”, “a soporific science fiction film”, “a real good nap”… On the subscribers’ side, some are not deprived of making also a good joke about falling asleep while watching Awake, which means “awake” in English, let us remember, and others have frankly admitted their disappointment to see such a promising film slip through their fingers.

Everything is not to be visibly thrown in Awake, present in the top 10 of the most viewed programs of the platform since its release, but this highly anticipated film, in particular because of the presence of Gina Rodriguez in the credits, has not quite fulfilled the contract of trust. All you have to do is try the adventure, hoping you haven’t cut your appetite for this science-fiction moment.

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