He had been critical of streaming platforms. And yet, Steven Spielberg signed a deal with Netflix, pledging that his company Amblin Partners produce at least two films a year for the giant. According to Variety, who relayed the information on June 21, the specifics of the contract were not disclosed, so it is not known for what duration it was concluded. As for the release of feature films in theaters, this will be studied on a case-by-case basis. However, it is a winning move for Netflix, in an increasingly competitive world: “Steve is a visionary and a leader, like so many others in the world, I grew up in contact with his memorable characters. and its inspiring stories that have stood the test of time ”, underlines Ted sarandos, the Director General.

The choice of Steven Spielberg is more surprising. In 2019, IndieWire revealed that the director had campaigned with the Academy of Oscars so that Netflix films could not be eligible. He later denied any lobbying in the New York Times, claiming just to preserve the experience in theaters.

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