A taxi driver is held hostage for a whole night by a killer on a mission. Already available on Amazon Prime Video, the film by the great stylist Michael Mann arrives on Netflix.

Our review of “Collateral”

Los Angeles, a ribbon of bitumen with countless knots, a network of highways and parking lots. A devoted taxi driver, but having trouble managing his own life, agrees, in exchange for a generous handful of dollars, to accompany a passenger in a gray suit and white shirt during the night, a priori very civilized. In reality, an evil genius. Max, taken hostage, must do so, otherwise he risks passing through. “What’s your thing?” “, he asks. “Indifference”, answers Vincent, a more talkative Melvillian specter.

Michael Mann (Heat, Revelations, Ali) stands out as one of the most stylish filmmakers across the Atlantic, bringing to each genre visited an unprecedented form of melancholy maturity. Here, he orchestrates a game as breathtaking as it is brilliant with the appearances and codes of the genre. A secret Los Angeles grid, where the tension does not weaken. He films this city of ultramodernity like no one else, capturing the sum of complex and deceptive sensations it provides. Passage, crossover, connection, sliding, in the great bath of geometry. Mann is today the great urban planner of contemporary cinema, as again proved in 2015, Hacker. – Jacques Morice

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