Is there a better way to relax in the summer than with a silly reality TV show? While there are, of course, a number of American shows that fit the bill—Baccalaureate in paradise come back, baby! —our friends across the pond are ready to play reality tv too, especially with the addicting dating show Island of love. Island of love returns for Season 7 this summer, and if you want to watch from the US, the wait won’t be very long. But you will need help to access it easily. Here’s all you need to know.

Season 7 begins at the end of June.

Island of love Season 7 will air on Monday, June 28. This is the show’s big comeback after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year didn’t go completely without a season – 2020 marked the show’s first winter season, and it aired in January and February before the pandemic. But that was the first time that there had been no summer season since the show premiered in 2015. The withdrawal is very, very real.

The Islanders have already been announced.

The 12 islanders who will be the first to enter the villa have been announced. They include Kaz, a fashion blogger; Jake, a water engineer, and Toby, a semi-professional football player — or, footballer, I should say.

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The show will take place again in Mallorca.

The winter season of Island of love in early 2020, the group experienced and brought the drama to Cape Town, South Africa. But, for season 7, the show returns to Mallorca, Spain, where all other seasons of the show were filmed. The season will be hosted by Laura Whitmore, who hosted the winter season and succeeded the late Caroline Flack.

The series will be available very soon in the United States.

There are two options to watch Island of love UK to US If you want to watch right away, you’ll need a VPN that allows you to access websites outside of the US that aren’t generally available to US internet users. This way you can watch the show on the UK channel ITV’s website, which broadcasts Island of love. It costs money, FWIW. It’s about $ 10 a month to use one.

The other option, which is the least technologically complicated, is to wait until the season is available on Hulu, which will be very soon after the show begins airing in the UK.

While the series premieres on June 28 in the UK, Hulu has announced that Season 7 episodes will begin appearing on July 12. It’s only two weeks of waiting! In addition, taking into account Island of love the air everyday– they take their reality TV seriously over there – there will be plenty of episodes to catch up on. You will hear eligible singles shout “I have a text!” ” in no time.

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