One in ten people will be affected by post-traumatic stress disorder during their lifetime as a result of an accident, an attack, a physical or sexual assault or even a family suicide. Recognized pathology, these patients must evolve in a society riddled with violent images, especially in the cinema or in television series when they need to recover. Student in Reims within the Tema program of Neoma Business School to obtain a Master 2 Management oriented towards innovation and digital, the Rouen native Arthur Perry has therefore developed “a customizable web extension that is added to Google and Chrome browsers, Firefox, etc. It is called Triggerstop and currently works with the Netflix platform ”.

User can choose to skip a traumatic scene according to their criteria
User can choose to skip a traumatic scene according to their criteria Frédéric durand

Community-based, the goal of Triggerstop is to prevent people with post-traumatic or phobic disorders from viewing certain scenes: “Often, they fear being confronted with death, suicide, blood, alcoholism, drugs. , etc. So, in my profile, I have the possibility for the moment to select the triggers (Editor’s note. From English to trigger, to cause something) refused in a list based on data from psychologists.

Over time, much like Waze or Coyote alerts, the community reports traumatic moments with a push of a button. “When I watch the scene, a message tells me if I want to skip it or continue. It’s simple ! », Details Édouard Perry.

Coming soon to smartphones and tablets

Launched two and a half months ago, already nearly two hundred registrants “have found real interest. I continued to advance the expansion with a light and dark mode. At the moment, it works on computers. It will be available by the end of the year on smartphones and tablets and then on televisions, ”adds the developer. All for free, “because I find it hard to tell myself that I’m going to charge for a service that can help others. I suggested a collaboration to Netflix, but I haven’t had any feedback yet ”.

In the meantime, the student continues his work to explain in writing in a window the avoided scenes, to make the extension compatible with other platforms and in particular Amazon Prime, to warn the community when a film or a series has not yet been released. treated “and simply avoid spoiling the end”.

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