Bill Cosby speaks to reporters outside his home on June 30, 2021.

Bill Cosby speaks to reporters outside his home on June 30, 2021.
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Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, citing some technical details such as a “no prosecution agreement” with a former prosecutor and the fact that five more accusers were able to testify against Cosby at his retrial. Following the court ruling, Cosby was released from prison, after serving two years of a three to ten year sentence at the Phoenix State Correctional Facility in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Sadly, there is a hunch that Cosby and his team are already planning some sort of redemption story, which could include an attempt to re-enter the entertainment industry or a mainstream outlet profile / interview. The question is: who will risk their ethics to take the bait (click)?

“No one is going to work with him. No workshop. No prominent actor or filmmaker, ”said one talent agent via variety. “It would kill your reputation. Not to mention that you will have to justify it to your friends and family. How can you do that? He’s poisonous.

Several industry insiders are cynical, with one comparing Cosby’s future trajectory to that of OJ Simpson. Others have pointed out that how the 83-year-old actor-comedian was released affects how he will be widely received.

“There’s no Cosby meeting. There will be no residency in Vegas and there will be no new Jell-O endorsement for Mr. Cosby, ”noted Howard Bragman, longtime public relations strategist and crisis manager. “He was not found innocent. He was released on a technicality. I would say the world still believes him guilty of the heinous crimes he has been accused of and that he is going to live a very OJ Simpson-like existence for the rest of his life.

“To perceive Cosby as having won on the merits rather than having been freed thanks to a strange quirk of history and an error in judgment by the prosecutor is to grant Cosby a power that he does not in fact possess. , give credit to a story in its defense that enough audiences have heard about. For the foreseeable future, Cosby will first be known as a man accused of brutally traumatizing scores of women. Everything he has to say for himself comes second, ”said Variety’s chief television critic. Daniel D’Addario wrote in a recent article regarding this chapter of events not silencing Cosby’s accusers.

On the other hand, the whole scope of “cancel culturePowerful men often escape, especially the more privileged they have, such as race and / or financial standing. In addition to the survivors who must re-traumatize in coming forward, there is even more trauma when they then have to see their abusers go on with their lives relatively unscathed, just because society doesn’t care. D’Addario continued:

Which isn’t to say Cosby will literally never work again. His peers, men who lost positions at the top of society when the public learned about or came to re-evaluate their private behavior, have literally managed to get reservations. Kevin Spacey would have played a small role in an upcoming Italian film; Europe also provided a landing point for Woody Allen, whose last film shot in the United States, A rainy day in New York, has been disowned by much of its cast and has never been theatrically released in the United States, and whose memoir was canceled by its publisher Hachette after a staff revolt. For context, however, until Anthony Rapp brought forward allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey in 2017, the actor was nearing the peak of his career, having hosted the Tonys that year and racking up nominations for the Emmy for Netflix. Card castle. Spacey will almost certainly never return, nor Allen to a place where his films are uncritically funded by big American corporations. Even if they can work, they have to adapt to a situation in which their reputation follows them.

As The root previously reported, several people in the entertainment industry had something to say about Cosby’s release—especially Phylicia Rashad, who received harsh criticism for his initial comments as well as his backtracking statement. As in the case of Janet Hubert, however, others have exposed Cosby’s transgressions. Kid Cudi made it clear, “The people celebrating the release of Bill Cosby are fucking idiots.”

Additionally, an old clip of the late comedian-actor Bernie Mac recirculated on Twitter, in which he subtly criticized Cosby, who often rode on his high horse. political respectability regarding blacks despite his own transgressions, for which he was subsequently convicted.

“I think a lot of comedians say one thing and do another,” Bernie said at the time. “I mean, I call it a lie. […] I saw a lot of comedians come out and say ‘you can’t do that, you don’t do drugs and you have to treat your women like this and the other’ and then they come out and do contrary to what they say . “


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