Pol Granch, the interpreter of Phillipe von Triesenberg in season 4 of the Spanish series Elite, speaks French very well. But is the actor French?

If you watch season 4 ofElite in Spanish, you will hear the new character of Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg who appears from the second episode, speak French. Portrayed by Pol Granch, he is the direct heir to the throne of a central European principality. Elegant and polite, it will capsize the heart of Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), the cleaning lady at Las Encinas high school. In view of the trailer for these new episodes available on Netflix since Friday, June 18, it’s even very hot between laughter and the poor. If Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg speaks French so well, it’s because his interpreter Pol Granch (from his real name Pablo Grandjean) knows the language of Molière well.

Pol Granch, the interpreter of Philippe in season 4 ofElite, is French-Spanish

Pol Granch is indeed a Franco-Spanish actor and singer. His mother is of Spanish origin, while his father, born in France. His parents are divorced. When he won the show X Factor in Spain in 2018, he had also dedicated his victory to them: “I haven’t seen them together for about five years. When they broke up, I was 13-14, and I cried, and cried. I was able to cope with all the ups and downs. low that they had with the music “.

Pol Granch, the new star ofElite, has a brother and a sister

Thanks to his father, Pol Granch spends a lot of time in France and especially in the small village of Morestel in Rhone-Alpes. There he meets his brother Álvaro Grandjean Sáez. He also has a sister, Ornella Grandjean Sáez, who has just had a baby girl and who lives in Spain. “I still can’t believe what I’m going through, you know I can’t express myself well here but I still can’t believe you gave life to such a perfect little ball, my dear sister . What can I say about you, you are my best reference and my second mother, I love you and I know that I will take care of this little mouse more than my life ever! Jorch, congratulations to you too uncle, proud that you are the father of my niece! I promise to be the uncle you deserve, I can’t wait to take you to see the Christmas lights …! (and to ToysRus hehe) I love you with all my heart and I will love you always! Tito Granch will be by your side for the rest of your life “, had written during the birth of his niece.

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