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It is safe to say that the whole internet has felt a certain Gender / Life! And yes… It has everything to do with THIS penis scene.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, Gender / Life, which was only published last week but is already in fashion Netflix for days, follows bored housewife Billie Connell (Sarah shahi) as she fantasizes about the old wild days with ex-BF Brad (Adam Demos). To cope, she writes her scorching thoughts in a journal – but is then exposed when her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) finds eroticism. Naturally, Billie continues to contemplate life’s biggest questions while having a ton of steamy sex with the two men.

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See the trailer (below) for a taste of what we’re talking about…

The eight-part series really packs a punch! BUT just when it looks like Billie has finally decided which man (and lifestyle) is best for her, the series ends on a MAJOR cliffhanger. While the mom wants to “get along with” Brad, she does not intend to separate from her husband either! The season ends before viewers know if the lover would be ready for this unique threesome-style situation!

So what happens next ?!

We’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about Season 2!


While Netflix has yet to renew the series, it seems likely that the drama will have a second chance to win more hearts! Whereas the show was inspired by BB Eastonthe novel of 44 chapters on 4 men, there is a lot more content to be learned! That said, it’s unlikely that more episodes will drop until 2022 – unless the streamer expects this backlash and pre-produces more episodes! Fingers crossed guys!


We know, we know! That damn cliffhanger !! We’re not going to party, obviously we have no idea what the writers have in store for a potential season 2, but the showrunner, Stacey Rukeyser, gave fans a pretty big hint when she said TV line:

“I don’t know what Brad is going to tell him. He really put his whole heart in the aisle and offered her happiness forever, and that’s not what she offers him. I don’t know if Brad will say yes or no. But that’s what we hope we get the chance to explore in season two.

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The principal lady also hedged her bets in a Us weekly interview this week, suggesting:

“I think that’s the question. It’s the age-old question: can you have it all? He’s a character who loves his life, but that’s not enough. She wants the stability of a relationship and she wants the danger of a relationship and the unpredictability of a relationship. She wants to be a good mom, and she wants to go to school, graduate and work. So it’s like, these are the things that hopefully if we get a season 2 we can explore and explore. “

But the Unreal alum isn’t so sure this story will have a happy ending, adding:

“Brad loved him. That’s for sure. Who knows if this will suit him.

Ouch… We can sense more drama and maybe angsty sex (or better yet, makeup) on the horizon!


Adam and Sarah literally bonded on the show, so we feel like there’s no other job the actors would rather have at this point! It’s also reasonable to assume that other main characters will be back given that the cast was quite small in this scorching series… But no good romance would be complete without more love interests, isn’t- isn’t it ?! Hopefully a few new members will join the pack… Until then, maybe we suggest another rewatch !?

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