People want you to know it’s going to be a very different movie. Different how? Well, it sure won’t be something like the financially successful but overall blasted Suicide Squad 2016. Like other recent DC films, including Birds of Prey, Shazam, and Aquaman, it will stand out from the “DC Extended Universe” films, if such a thing even exists at this point. The Suicide Squad isn’t even similar to previous big-screen superhero films from James Gunn, Marvel’s widely beloved Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The reasons are many and compelling, as we learned during a visit to The Suicide Squad set in Atlanta, Georgia in 2019, before the global pandemic.

“Basically DC came [to me] and said, ‘Hey, what do you wanna do?’ Remembers Gunn, who took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to chat with the reporters who had flown to the shoot. After being reactively fired by Disney for a slew of old crass tweets, Gunn wasn’t in the wind for long, and he quickly brought his pitch for The Suicide Squad to DC and Warner Bros. This pitch was apparently something.

“He had the whole picture,” production designer Beth Mickle told us. “From day one James was able to sit there and go through everything in the movie and knew exactly in his head how he wanted to cover each action, how he wanted the dialogue to be delivered. To have that kind of clarity and that kind of thing. of vision – we’ve been doing this for a long time, and Jesus, it’s so rare, for someone to come and be a true visionary. “

“It never happens. It happens zero percent of the time,” echoed Peter Safran, one of the film’s producers. “Sometimes you just get that perfect match between the filmmaker and the property.”

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The Suicide Squad is focused on a Nazi-era research base called Jotunheim. After the freedom fighters overthrow the local dictatorship, Amanda Waller (once again played by Viola Davis) sends a motley team of villains and villains to defeat the rebels and destroy the base before her secrets emerge – A job your average DC superheroes would probably have some trouble with.

The filmmakers pointed out that it was a “war film”, with massive practical effects and settings. Indeed, they took the journalists around the island of Corto Maltese, including the dense jungle through which our anti-heroes will approach the Jotunheim complex, as well as the partially destroyed entrance to the base, presumably after their arrival. They compared the opening scenes of the film to Saving Private Ryan.

“It’s a 1970s war movie, a war hug, mixed with the characters and the comedy that James Gunn brings to everything he does,” Safran described.

“It’s a much, much, much rougher movie than Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s almost completely practical – the greatest sets I’ve shot in almost every movie,” Gunn said. “People might expect it to be like the Guardians. They might expect it to be like the first Suicide Squad. They might expect it to be like, whatever, but it doesn’t is like none of those things. “

It will also come with a big and exciting rating R. Gunn described his Suicide Squad as “bloody”.

“[The] movies he’s kinda based on, these 1970s war movies, they’re hardcore movies, ”Safran explained.“ So I think it’s a lot of fun for James to be able to work some of those muscles that ‘he can not do on a PG -13 Guardians Film. He’s pretty hardcore with it. “

“I don’t think most people think Star-Lord’s head is going to explode in the middle of [a Guardians] movie, “Gunn said, uttering one of the greatest phrases the director of said films can say.” But any of these characters could explode their heads in the middle of the movie.

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That’s not to say that no character will be harmed, a criticism of Suicide Squad 2016, in which, for example, a character named Slipknot suddenly appeared without an introduction and was immediately killed in the same scene. Even with such a massive ensemble cast – John Cena as Peacemaker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, Idris Elba as Bloodsport, and many more – every character is supposed to have time to shine.

“There is no wasted space. There is no fat in the script at all,” said Safran. “We always look forward to an easy day where there is filler, exposure, and there isn’t. James wrote a really, really tight script. Each of these characters, he’s got a way of, just with one or two lines, to give them something really tangible to do and say that becomes incredibly memorable. “

When Cena spoke to reporters about Peacemaker, he pointed out that good bad guys are usually fair from their own point of view. “I think the driving force behind any character, anyone you see [on this team]is that they have to believe in their goal, “said the actor and professional wrestler.” And I think that’s what’s great about these movies. This is what allows us all to go and see these films. Either we know these characters so well, or we want to know more about these characters. “

David Dastmalchian, who superhero fans might recognize from roles in The Dark Knight, the Ant-Man movies, and even TV shows like The Flash and Gotham, plays Polka-Dot Man – a character so obscure that even the actor, a massive comic book collector, barely recognized it. In the movie, the PDM is covered with pustule-like growths that need to be regularly discharged. “They can be viewed in two ways, either as an ability or as a handicap – as something that can cause excruciating pain and discomfort,” Dastmalchian told us. “It absolutely helped shape the way I was going to move, fight and sit, and do all the things that I will do in the movie. And again, how a disability or something that you’re embarrassed about, or hurting you, find a way to suddenly do something with it that is more than just suffering – maybe it could even have a purpose. Then it changes the way you move, the way you move. sit down, the way you talk. “

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Compare this nuanced character with King Shark, whose motion capture was performed by comedian and actor Steve Agee. “He looks really funny, but also if you really walked into a room at night, you’d have diarrhea completely, if you saw this thing,” Agee described. In other words, it’s not your average set.

Of course, you might have said the same about Suicide Squad 2016, and despite the fact that it made some money, we all know how it happened. But Gunn, Safran and the others involved did their best to make it stand out. “The reaction [within Warner Bros.] was, ‘We want Suicide Squad from the mind of James Gunn.’ That’s what it is, “Safran said.” So not a sequel. It is not a reboot. It’s just “James Gunn’s Suicide Squad”.

This no-sequel, no-reboot, its-own-thing-but-also-somehow-connected-to-the-last-movie can be confusing at first. Several characters, including Flag, Wallace, Quinn, and even Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang, return from this movie, but according to Safran, they won’t be referring to it. But it might also be the movie Suicide Squad fans deserve, regardless of what happened before.

“I just fell in love with this particular story that we’re telling right now. And I fell in love with some of the characters and the way we could do it,” Gunn said.

The Suicide Squad is set to hit theaters on August 6.

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