• The New Yorker published a report on the guardianship of Britney Spears on Saturday.
  • He said his father, Jamie Spears, called his names derogatory after the guardianship was approved.
  • Britney first opened up about her guardianship on June 23 to ask for it to be terminated.
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Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears reportedly shouted “I’m Britney Spears!” in the early years of the pop star’s guardianship in an effort to show just how much control he had over his daughter’s life, The New Yorker reported.

On Saturday, the magazine published an investigation into Britney Spears’ guardianship, revealing how she lost control of her own life and her rights, and how her father and a team of lawyers seized that power.

A witness at the initial Trusteeship hearing told The New Yorker that she first heard Jamie Spears bellow “I’m Britney Spears!” during a meeting in 2008 with Jamie; Jamie’s lawyer, Geraldine Wyle; and Jamie’s ex-wife, Lynne Spears.

Witness Jacqueline Butcher, a former friend of the Spears family, recalled that the reunion took a bitter turn when Lynne began to describe her hopes for the guardianship. Butcher said Lynne’s remarks prompted Jamie to “cry out about his control over her daughter’s life, including Lynne’s access to her,” the New Yorker reported.

Butcher also recalled asking Lynne right before the meeting, “Don’t you think you and Jamie should be co-curators together?”

But Butcher said Lynne responded that the guardianship would only last “a few months” and that it would be better if Britney was angry with Jamie rather than her.

A lawyer for Jamie did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

Butcher says she “helped a corrupt family take all of that control”

Jamie spears

Nick Ut / AP

Butcher also described her own role in Britney’s guardianship to the New Yorker, which involved testifying to help secure guardianship. Butcher said she regrets her actions.

“At the time, I thought we were helping,” Butcher told The New Yorker. “And I wasn’t, and I helped a corrupt family take all of that control.”

Butcher attended the hearing where guardianship was granted and told The New Yorker the whole process took “maybe 10 minutes.”

At the time, Spears was reportedly admitted to UCLA Medical Center as part of a “5150” or involuntary 72-hour hospital stay in a mental institution.

The New Yorker reported that in the weeks following Britney’s discharge from hospital, Jamie “wore [her] at one point he told her she was “fat” and said he intended to put her on a diet and work with a trainer to get back in shape.

“It will put it in her face – spit was flying – telling her she was a bitch and a terrible mother,” Butcher said, adding that Lynne had told Britney that she could see her two sons again if she was cooperating.

“Lynne was just like, ‘obey daddy and they’ll let you out,” Butcher said.

Britney asked for her father to be removed as a Tory, but a judge turned it down

A group of Britney Spears supporters hold flags and placards.

Britney’s free rally at Grand Park in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Ted Soqui for Insider.

The New Yorker also reported that Britney called 911 the day before her explosive guardianship hearing on June 23 to report herself as a victim of “conservation abuse.”

During that hearing, Britney made a number of statements denouncing her family and alleged her Tories would not let her remove her IUD.

“It is my wish and my dream that this will all end,” Spears said of the guardianship during her testimony. “I just want my life back. Guardianship should end. I really believe this guardianship is abusive.”

She added: “The people who did this shouldn’t be able to go away.”

Jamie has since issued statements denying any involvement in his daughter’s “personal affairs”.

Despite growing media coverage and the #FreeBritney movement, a judge has rejected Britney’s request to dismiss her father as a Tory.

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