Rachel Dratch, John Oliver

Rachel Dratch, John Oliver
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John Oliver is a proud ruiner. First showing an ad where people enthusiastically talk about a workaround to America’s undeniably broken and venal healthcare system made up of kindhearted people getting involved to pay the medical bills of others in a spirit Of brotherhood and the common good, Oliver pulled off the bandage right away by exposing how the Department’s advertised healthcare sharing industry is even more of a racket than our current, universally hated health insurance system. “As you guessed because you are learn it thanks to this program“Oliver warned beleaguered viewers who Google the Local Health Care Sharing Department (HCSM) that these rapidly growing religious boondoggles are far less useful than begging your favorite celebrity for a retweet of your medical debt from GoFundMe emergency.

How much less useful are we talking about here? Well, as Oliver presents in another of his weekly stories designed to spawn a sweaty dam of limit the damage corporate public relations statements of these overly promising, sub-deliverers, essentially unregulated scams based on faith capitalist entities, about as useful as racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and then kneeling down to pray that a sketchy plan with a sanctifying veneer of holiness doesn’t disqualify every penny because you have smoked a cigarette this time. Is this just another liberal pagan going after the faithful? Well, yeah, probably. But that’s also 100% true when it comes to how the HCSM can legally discriminate against the needy who pay. clients due to factors ranging from tobacco use to alcohol or drug use, being gay, having sex outside of marriage, whatever they (and only they) determine to be outside the bounds of their particular brand and prosecution proof. business Christianity.

Oh, and speaking of percentages, Oliver shined the spotlight of representative wickedness on Aliera, a company intimately involved in the administration of many HCSMs, which takes about 84 percent of all funds raised from members for administrative costs / whatever it wants. (As lousy as real healthcare companies, the ACA requires that only 20% can go to overhead.) As Oliver noted when pointing to a reporter questioning Aliera’s head about this monumental theft of Aliara’s sick herd and receiving the hasty response, “I can’t help you more, I need to get out of town. “is roughly 100 percent the opposite of what any respectable Jesus would do. The same goes for the speaker from CPAC who laughingly promised that the “insurance freedom” promised by HCSMs like Liberty Healthshare (which sponsored the infamous conservative hate festival) would stick to these ungodly insurance companies. As Oliver quoted, “CPAC’s satisfied laugh” is both scary and a great indicator that someone is up to something crooked and stupid.

But John Oliver is nothing more than an assistant. A helper and a ruiner. That’s why he reported his 100% wife, Wanda Jo (who certainly looks as Rachel Dratch in a sculptural Tammy Fay wig) to herald the arrival of her own faith-based Florida-based healthcare sharing ministry, JohnnyCare. By logging into the website of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Health (his sister’s scam and Dratch’s scam late Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption), members holier than you can access the benevolence and cost-sharing of the church, in the form of the cheapest three-plaster first aid kit their money can buy in bulk. Like him and Wanda Jo brilliantly praised their holy alternative to evil, ungodly (yet real) healthcare companies, they assured JohnnyCare subscribers that their $ 1.99 contribution would cover absolutely every medical woe imaginable, provided, of course, that limb illnesses were not caused by something outside of the box. arbitrary and disqualifying moral clauses of the church.

As Oliver notes throughout his article, America’s healthcare is indeed completely shattered, and there is an urgent need, literally life and death, to reform it or replace it with something better. (A single payer system, for example, which Oliver said would instantly solve much of the problem, but meets insurmountable resistance from politicians and ignorant assholes shout the word “socialism” as loud as it can.) And yet, as Oliver has shown with his own surprisingly easy entry into the shady world of God-clad, predator-hungry and melucratively HCSM criticizes, just throwing religious language on your healthcare scam doesn’t make it any less bad.

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