Katla is the hottest new Netflix series already. Compared to Dark and The Rain, here are the details you need to know.

For some time now, Netflix has made the decision to bet on titles that do not come from the United States. In this way, the streaming platform has broadened its vision and also its borders. Some of his big European hits include The House of Paper and Dark. Today, the service relies on Katla, a fiction that will completely surprise viewers and which is already finding a strong echo on social networks.

Katla is a sci-fi thriller that is compared to Dark and the Danish series The Rain, two big hits for Netflix. The new proposal of the streaming service is based on the consequences left by a natural disaster. This time it will be the eruption of a subglacial volcano, a tragedy that will bring out prehistoric elements and a series of strange events. This will prompt a volcanologist from Reykjavik to go there to see what is going on.

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