The actor will slip into the skin of Bernard Tapie, for a series that will retrace his career as a singer who became a businessman, then a politician and convicted offender.

Netflix will produce a new French series on the life of Bernard Tapie, according to information from First. It is the actor Laurent Lafitte who will slip into the skin of the businessman. The series should be called Wonderman and tells the story of the man who was first a singer, before becoming a businessman, football club boss, actor, politician, and who made a detour through the prison box. A “romantic destiny”, which inspired the streaming platform.

“A good fictional hero”

The series is a creation of Olivier Demangel and Tristan Séguéla. This one directed Laurent Lafitte in 16 years old or almost, in 2013. “The series was born in the dressing room of this film that I was shooting with Laurent,” he told First. We both thought he looked incredibly like Bernard Tapie. We thought about it at about the same time “.

For the novelist and screenwriter Olivier Demangel, Bernard Tapie is “a character who could have come straight out of a novel by Alexandre Dumas, at the same time singer, politician, industrialist, father of a family”. He also evokes in Première “this oversized side of the character which makes him a good fictional hero”.

Far from documentary or journalistic work, the series will be rather a subjective look at the career of Bernard Tapie. Olivier Demangel and Tristan Séguéla also assure that Bernard Tapie, if he was informed of the project, did not take part.

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