SERIES – Laurent Lafitte in the skin of Bernard Tapie? This Friday, June 18, the magazine First reveals that a new series on the famous French entrepreneur should see the light of day in 2022 on Netflix with the actor of the French comedy in the main role.

The title? “Wonderman”. The project, planned in the form of six episodes of around forty minutes, is in the hands of Tristan Séguéla (“16 years old or almost”, “Doctor?”). “From singer to businessman, from minister to prisoner, Bernard Tapie has known everything. Through his successes and failures, ‘Wonderman’ retraces the romantic fate of an extraordinary public figure ”, specifies the press release shared by the cinema magazine.

The idea did not come from nowhere, it dates from the shooting of “16 years or so”. “We both thought he looked incredibly like Bernard Tapie. We thought about it at around the same time, blows the filmmaker to the monthly. I told him at that point that I wanted to work on a fictional project devoted to the myth, Bernard Tapie. And it turns out that he too. ”

“Freer than a biopic”

The series is expected to cover twenty years of the life of the former minister. “We will talk in the series about the recording of his disc. We will tell his adventure in the song, how he gave himself the means to achieve his ambitions. He was then a little guy from the northern suburbs, very ambitious and suddenly very endearing. He had a lot of weapons for him, an incredible banter, an extraordinary ability to undertake ten projects at the same time. And we will bring it until the beginning of the 1990s ”, explains screenwriter Olivier Demangel, also at the origin of the project.

Close to fiction, it will be “a biopic on man, freer than a biopic of facts, with a very strong subjectivity. It is our gaze on its trajectory ”.

For now, Olivier Demangel and Tristan Séguéla are finishing the script, without putting aside the idea that the series could take place over several seasons. Filming should not begin until March 2022 and last all summer.

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