Loki’s Episode 4 post-credits scene proves Tony Stark’s worst fear was well founded, which makes Iron Man’s sacrifice all the more heroic.

WARNING: Spoilers for Loki Episode 4, “The Nexus Event”

the Loki The post-credits scene from Episode 4 confirms that Tony Stark was always right to focus entirely on protecting the world as Iron Man, as the apocalypse was still around the corner. Loki Episode 4 is filled with shocking twists and turns. Sylvie and Loki discover that the Time-Keepers are cybernetic puppets, Mobius is carved by Ravonna Renslayer, and Loki is greeted by other variations of Loki in a post-apocalyptic New York during the episode’s post-credits scene.

Loki’s reappearance teases a few major revelations. The first is the possibility of pruned variants being sent to secret timelines instead of dying, which suggests that Mobius may not have left after all. The true intentions of the TVA are also called into question, and the existence of a demolished New York is revealed to be hidden at one point from the Sacred Timeline. This scenario could derive from a variant of Loki who managed to bring the Chitauri to Earth, although the exact location of that moment remains a mystery.

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The image of an erased Manhattan sums up Tony Stark’s worst nightmare perfectly. Since surviving the attack on the Ten Rings, Stark has vowed to focus all his efforts on protecting the world, and after nearly dying trying to stop an atomic bomb at the end of the Battle for New York in The Avengers, Stark developed a deep fear of disasters that drove him to save the world at all costs. His obsession led to tragic events such as the destruction of Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the breaking up of the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Despite Iron Man’s constant failures, a bittersweet conclusion to Tony Stark’s constant worry has finally arrived. Avengers: Endgame with the defeat of Thanos and the death of Iron Man.

Iron Man's Avengers Nightmare materialized in Loki episode 5

Loki now shows that the world hasn’t been so lucky in at least one timeline. Of course, there is nothing Iron Man could have done to protect every possible universe – even the Infinity Stones don’t have that much influence – but the existence of a Distant Earth where the Avengers couldn’t save New. York highlights Iron Man’s role as the MCU’s greatest savior. LokiThe theme of “predestination versus free will” underscores how crucial Iron Man and the Avengers were to preserving order, but it also confirms that chaos still hangs over the multiverse. Even without counting the wreckage of New York as a possible future, TVA has confirmed that never-ending new disasters will always continue to happen. As Thanos said in Avengers: Infinity War, “Fear him, flee from him; fate happens all the same.

Loki Episode 4 leaves a lot of questions unanswered, one of which is how much Loki and the Avengers really have to do with the destruction of New York in this post-apocalyptic timeline. Maybe the Avengers never got together in the first place, and maybe Tony Stark gave up on trying to save the world at some point. Loki has proven that anything is possible in the MCU. Still, Iron Man’s uphill battle against fate cannot be overstated.

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