Loki Episode 4 was quite an adventure and one of the show’s writers sat down with the fans to unbox all the events. Eric Martin has been having fun with the god of mischief on Twitter since the series was announced. He decided to have a tour of the Loki Midnight Theater to discuss the future of Tom Hiddleston’s character. In the tweets, he describes how to pull off this time loop with Lady Sif and how Sylvie’s flashback to open the episode was born. Viewers weren’t emotionally prepared for Loki and Mobius to have the conversations that took place during Episode 4. It looks like we’ll be seeing more of Owen Wilson’s bureaucrat before the series ends. For now, we all need to think about what happens when a boastful god, a child, a Silver Age trickster, and a crocodile walk into a bar. Check out the fun details below:

Wilson told Marvel.com how everything went wrong for everyone’s favorite jet ski enthusiast.

“The relationship between Mobius and Renslayer is the way you might have with your boss. Or when you’re back in school with the principal or someone in a position of authority and you kind of have to try. to charm them to be able to pursue your projects, “explained Wilson.” This is the dynamic between Mobius and Renslayer. She is sort of losing patience with Mobius and with another of his ploys. But, I think, she also kind of likes that he’s a little naughty. “

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