The second part of Lupine is finally available on Netflix, just a few months after the release of Season 1, which launched on January 8. Created by George Kay (Killing Eve) and François Uzan (Family Business), the Lupine series is a resounding success with international audiences. Also, the spectators were numerous today to await the continuation of the story of Assane Diop. It must be said that the final episode of the first part ended on an intense cliffhanger, leaving the character played by Omar Sy in a very bad situation. If you haven’t been able to discover the first episodes yet, know that the entire series is still online on Netflix. From this June 11, you have the possibility to watch the 10 episodes of Lupine on Netflix in a row..

Lupine Season 2: the hit French series on Netflix

The cast of Lupine is back for a season 2. Still at the heart of the series, Omar Sy is back in service in the skin of Assane Diop. Thanks to the tricks employed by his favorite hero, Arsène Lupine, the man will continue to shed light on what led to his father’s death in this second part. While their son Raoul was kidnapped by the henchmen of Hubert Pelligrini (Hervé Pierre), Assane could have a new ally: Claire, played by Ludivine Sagnier. Unfortunately, a big obstacle now stands in the thief’s route. At the end of season 1, Youssef now seems to know his identity, and the policeman could well complicate the task of our “Lupine”.

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